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LETTER: Follow the science

LETTER: Follow the science

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Follow the science

Google “when does life begin”.

Science tells us that every new human life begins at conception and lives in the womb of the female. Her body protects and nourishes this new human life for nine months until it separates from the mother as long as it isn’t killed intentionally before birth. In 1973 the Supreme Court in its Roe v Wade decision legalized the killing of this new human life. They unleashed man’s inhumanity to man, dehumanizing the child in the womb.

The law is a teacher so for the past 48 years the law has taught us that you can kill human life. This culture of death has influenced our society creating a loss of respect for life.

Roe v Wade needs to be overturned and tossed in the dust bin of history along with the liberal media and Democratic party that supports and defends this evil.

Stop the funding of the number one killer of human life Planned Parenthood with our tax dollars. Support the Dodge County Pregnancy Support Center at 108 parallel St. #2 Beaver Dam, Wi. 53916 giving women a positive option to a pregnancy. Love and let live. Amen.

Herbert Lehner, Beaver Dam



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