LETTER: Pandemic is God's punishment; repent and beg forgiveness

LETTER: Pandemic is God's punishment; repent and beg forgiveness

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Dave Wester's letter of June 23 accused every Trump supporter of being gullible and by inference totally stupid.

I have a Ph.D. in plant ecology and am a devout Christian and I strongly disagree. I have been a conservative Lutheran for my entire life and find Trump a refreshing change from career politicians.

Physicists have supported the "Big Bang" theory of the origin of the universe since the late 1800s. For support for this theory they claim that a background microwave radiation throughout the universe is a result of this supposed Big Bang.

However, Christianity teaches that God is omnipresent. This background microwave radiation satisfies the presence of God everywhere. Therefore I contend that this is in fact God. I pity anyone who denies this.

The United States was founded by Christians who were persecuted in Europe. They wrote a constitution that was based on Christian principles. Over the last century, Christianity has systematically been expunged from this nation.

The present COVID-19 pandemic I believe is God's punishment for this nation's abandonment of Christianity. Everyone in media and in politics violates the Ten Commandments regularly. I call on everyone to repent of their sins and beg for God's forgiveness. Perhaps God will remove this plague from the U.S.

William Beimborn, Portage


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