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Here we go again, Beaver Dam taxpayers. Grab your wallets.

Even though we can’t afford to fix our roads, or seek reasonable ways to provide police/fire/EMS services to our ever-expanding north side, our mayor and city council now propose to pump more money into the downtown area, and as a bonus, spend $700,000 to repaint our water tower. Oh, and provide other “necessary safety upgrades.” Right.

This will include, of course, our new city logo. You know, the one that looks like the result of a third-grade coloring contest.

We’re told it was due for a paint job since it’s been 10 years, but I’ve been here 25 years and don’t recall it being painted at all during that time. If it was, I’m betting it didn’t cost $700,000. And how much will it cost to put the logo on all city properties -- vehicles, buildings, etc.? Or were those due for routine makeovers as well?

Contact your alderpersons and let them know how much you appreciate their stewardship of your tax dollars. Do not email them while driving though, please. In Beaver Dam, you’d likely hit a pothole and there’s no telling what autocorrect might come up with. Safety first.

Casey Carney, Beaver Dam