In regards to the May 30 column by Scott Frostman, he rightfully states capitalism is the engine that drives American economy.

But I have an issue with his simplistic portrayal of what socialism is, and the mocking of socialism taught in the public school system as a “mantra heard since day one.” Different ways of governments are taught, but obviously not well enough to help the general public understand most successful economies need to strive for balance.

We have a free market to promote competition and innovation, but when corporations pollute our air, water, food sources, government needs to step in to protect the health and welfare of its people.

We have, as a society, decided to maintain some socialist ideals -- public education is one -- along with publicly funded fire, police, military protections and maintenance of infrastructure. We have decided to utilize the tax system to care for “the least of these” with Medicare, Medicaid and a Social Security system. Ask our farmers how socialized subsidies work.

Help me to understand how demonizing and making fun of those who are trying to dialogue about ways to achieve a more fair and just society is wise.

Barb Brown, Mayville


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