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Happy holidays, but I am extremely disturbed at the news of the Republican agenda for this special legislative session.

Get real in trying to cheat and rig our Democratic election process of stymied voting restrictions and wasting $7 million to keep a rigged election for Supreme Court. Please consider going in the opposite direction with the Iowa model for redistricting, an effort to overturn Citizens United campaign reform and to expand voter participation.

I expect my Sen. Luther Olsen to work to solve the problems we face in education, affordable, accessible health care and infrastructure, while repairing the damage done to the workers and natural resources over the past eight years.

Even though I have not voted for you, I used to respect your independent positions on education, but am now disappointed of your lockstep actions with an extreme right wing agenda.

I expect Olsen to work with this new governor in good faith, but if this nonsense goes as Sen. Scott Fitzgerald and Rep. Robin Vos plan, it would be an unethical poke in the eye to democracy.

Enjoy your turkey dinners this holiday, but don't become a political turkey for the sake of political power.

Jeff Holubowicz, Randolph