Elder abuse refers to intentional or negligent acts by a trusted individual that causes harm to an older person.

Due to aging factors, this population is more likely to experience isolation, which increases the likelihood of abuse and neglect. It can occur in a person’s home, nursing homes, or assisted living facilities. Factors such as dementia or poor health issues can increase isolation putting them at greater risk. In most cases, it is the victim’s own family who are exploiting them or causing harm.

We see more common trends with this population and scammers. They are the target of scammers who look to get money from these victims. Common tactics include phone calls claiming they are the Internal Revenue Service or repairs to their homes by door-to-door salespeople.

It is important to educate ourselves on these issues. More importantly, understand the challenges our aging population faces; often the suffering is silent. Join People Against a Violent Environment in wearing purple Saturday to show support for world awareness day for elder abuse.

If you or someone you know is affected by any types of abuse, please contact PAVE’s 24-hour crisis line at 800-775-3785. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Melissa Rivera, Beaver Dam 


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