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Our mother is sick. She has a fever, higher than ever before, and it is getting worse. I am told her illness is from all the air pollution she is surrounded by, from the factories and traffic, and it is also poisoning her water. No wonder she is sick. She has enough food for a while, but her resources are being depleted.

Her yard and the big pond are full of trash now, not hers though. People know she is sick, but it doesn’t stop them from tossing their garbage on her land. Such a pity. It used to be a beautiful, bountiful garden.

I am feeling sad, and also scared. She cannot take care of things by herself, so she really needs our help right now, and must be our focus. We can share the responsibilities. Our once-a-year visits when we make a fuss over her are no longer enough. Now our attention must be there every day because her condition is increasingly fragile. Yes, every day must be Earth Day, because she is our mother, and we are her children. We must take care of mother Earth because all our lives depend on her health.

Archan Sramek, Beaver Dam 


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