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When votes no longer matter, it’s time for change

The king of Wisconsin has ruled that as a registered voter of the 42nd Assembly District, I am not allowed to have a representative in the state Capitol.

The monarchy and his barons first redistricted me out of their feudal kingdom, then restricted voting to preserve their power. They dismantled the Government Accountability Board to receive unlimited and anonymous money from the wealthy lords to fund their campaigns with our tax dollars. They destroyed true democracy in unions with Act 10 and the Right to Work for less.

I demand a referendum be held for all 42nd District voters on every proposed law so my voice is represented in Wisconsin.

People are worried about Russian meddling in our elections, yet foreign corporations are given our taxes to make greater profits and then the wealthy owners bribe, blackmail and produce propaganda for the politicians to keep them in office with Citizens United. Unions voted to use their wages to support candidates; they did not steal our income through taxes to buy elections.

It took a revolution to break from the corrupt monarchy of England that created the USA democracy; the young people will be the catalyst for this change. Please vote.

Jeff Holubowicz, Randolph