Horicon/Hustisford captians

Horicon/Hustisford coach Shannon Mueller selected, clockwise from top left, Dakota Reinwald, Zach Kehl, Matthew Walther and Aydan Schwark as captains this year for a Marshfalcons team that's trying to repeat as Trailways Large Conference champions and make another deep playoff run. 

Year in school: Reinwald: Junior. Kehl: Senior. Walther: Senior. Schwark: Senior.

Position(s): Reinwald: OL/DL. Kehl: TE/OLB. Walther: OL/DL. Shwark: OL/DE.

Nickname: Reinwald: DAK OTA. Kehl: Z or Zeke. Walther: Lunchbox. Schwark: Schwarky.

Sports played: Reinwald: Football, wrestling, track and field. Kehl: Football, basketball, baseball. Walther: Football, basketball. Schwark: Football, basketball, wrestling, track and field.

Favorite school subject: Reinwald: Weightlifting. Kehl: Phy. ed. Walther: History. Schwark: Phy. ed.

Favorite teacher: Reinwald: Mr. Kern. Kehl: Mr. Koch. Walther: Mr. Koch. Schwark: Mr. Koch.

Post-high school plans: Reinwald: Study to be a radiologist or physical therapist. Kehl: Go to college and play a sport. Walther: Play football and figure out a career. Schwark: Play college football.

I got my start in sports: Reinwald: At a young age; I started football in fourth grade, wrestling in second grade and track and field in seventh grade. Kehl: In middle school. Walther: In sixth grade. Schwark: In fifth grade.

I wish I could play: Reinwald: Rugby. Kehl: Hockey. Walther: The drums. Schwark: I love my position.

My most memorable sports moment: Reinwald: When we beat Markesan and Dodgeland to win conference in football last year. Kehl: Winning a conference championship. Walther: Making it to the Division 5 state quarterfinals last year. Schwark: Winning conference.

My role models: Reinwald: Mr. Kern and my grandpa. Kehl: Former Horicon/Husty football player Rylee Nass and Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly. Walther: My uncle and my coaches. Schwark: Former Horicon/Husty offensive lineman Ethan Budnik.

Favorite athlete: Reinwald: Team USA Olympic wrestler Jordan Burroughs or J.J. Watt. Kehl: Saquon Barkley. Walther: David Bakhtiari. Schwark: David Bakhtiari.

Favorite opponent: Reinwald: Markesan. Kehl: Markesan. Walther: Markesan. Schwark: Dodgeland.

Favorite movie: Reinwald: “Harry Potter” series. Kehl: “Saving Private Ryan.” Walther: “Rocky II.” Schwark: “Step Brothers.”

Favorite TV show: Reinwald: “Big Brother.” Kehl: “All American.” Walter: “Everybody Hates Chris.” Schwark: “Rick and Morty.”

Most-played song on my iPod: Kehl: “Money in the Grave” by Drake. Walther: “Are you Ready” by Disturbed. Schwark: “Ransom” by Lil Tecca.

Favorite place to eat out: Reinwald: Taco Bell. Kehl: Buffalo Wild Wings. Walther: Subway. Schwark: Buffalo Wild Wings.

Favorite food: Reinwald: Any type of meat. Kehl: BBQ ribs. Walther: Cheesburger. Schwark: Chicken breast.

Favorite superhero: Reinwald: Superman. Kehl: Incredible Hulk. Walther: Spiderman. Schwark: Captain America.

I drive: Reinwald: A GMC Envoy. Kehl: A car. Walther: 2008 Ford Focus. Schwark: I don’t.

My dream car: Reinwald: Chevy Camaro. Kehl: Corvette Stingray. Walther: 1969 Dodge Charger. Schwark: Lamborghini Aventador.

I wish I could meet: Reinwald: The Rock. Kehl: Will Ferrell. Walther: The Rock. Schwark: Bob Ross, renowned painter.

Hobbies: Reinwald: Eat, sleep sports. Kehl: Hunting, fishing, lifting. Walther: Weightlifting, playing PS4. Schwark: Weightlifting.

Gameday superstitions: Reinwald: Go to Subway and then take it up by my sister and eat it. Kehl: Wear the same socks. Walther: The same undershirt all season. Schwark: Always wear purple boxers.

Most underrated teammate: Reinwald: We are all needed for our team to work; we are a family. Kehl: Dylan Kuehl. Walther: Brady Elvers. Schwark: Gavan Stark.

Team goal for the season: Reinwald: Hang another banner. Kehl: Win conference and make the playoffs. Walther: Win conference. Schwark: Repeat as conference champs.

NFL or college player that is most like me: Reinwald: T.J. or J.J. Watt. Kehl: Bobby Wagner. Walther: Davante Adams because he wasn’t good the first two years but got a lot better. Schwark: David Bakhtiari.

Who will win the next Super Bowl? Reinwald: Browns. Kehl: Chiefs. Walther: Browns. Schwark: Browns.

Who will win the next College Football Playoff? Reinwald: Clemson. Kehl: Alabama. Walther: Central Florida. Schwark: Clemson.

My advice to young kids involved in sports: Reinwald: Never give up, always work for your spot and know when to flip the switch between being serious and having fun. But always have fun. Kehl: Get in the weight room, work hard and stay dedicated. Walther: Be persistent and trust your teammates. Schwark: Set high goals and try your best to achieve them.

Editor’s note: This is the second in a series profiling some of the top players in the area leading up to the start of the season on Aug. 23.

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