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Beaver Dam’s prep girls swimming team won four events Thursday night in a triple dual vs. River Valley/Richland Center and Kiel and scored enough points elsewhere to go 1-1 at the meet, with the victory coming over Kiel by the score of 116-50.

That’s not even the best news.

No, that would be the fact that by virtue of the win — the other dual was an 89-81 loss to River Valley/Richland Center — the Golden Beavers get to play water polo today instead of their normal rigorous routine.

“Fun Friday,” junior Liz Grenon said. “It’s a little treat we have here and there, (for) when we win a meet (during the week).”

“Last year we won against Kiel and so it was kind of like, ‘This is our shot,’ because (teams) in our conference are crazy good — crazy fast,” she added. “Kiel and like three other teams are our (best chance), so we work our butts off to get those wins. … It’s just a great feeling.”

It’s especially gratifying for Grenon, given how big of a hand she had in the victory over Kiel.

Grenon won the 100-yard butterfly in 1 minute, 5.54 seconds and then four events later won the 100 backstroke in 1:06.53, all after she swam leadoff for Beaver Dam’s first-place finishing 200 medley relay (2:05.11) in the first event of the evening. None of her times were personal records, but PRs are scarce this time of year anyway.

Winning was better.

“It is amazing to finish first — it’s just this feeling that you get where it’s like, ‘I did that; my body is capable of so much more than I think,’” she said. “When you’re in the water, it doesn’t matter until the last two meets — conference and sectionals. Those are when your times really matter; that’s when you really have to get in and focus and do you work.”

In fact, that’s why this middle portion of the year is so strenuous — this was an especially hard week of practice for Beaver Dam and is another reason for water polo instead of workouts today — and why PRs are uncommon from now until mid-October.

Because the girls are training to be at their best for the meets that matter most and will taper off come that time.

“I just tell them to race. This meet is one of the meets where I said, ‘Forget about the clock,’ because some of them will look at the clock and be down on themselves because they didn’t cut (time),” Beaver Dam coach Jenna Wisdorf said. “They just need to trust the process and trust that they’re not going to be cutting the whole season. … So when they go out there and race, and then they get those wins, the time doesn’t matter.”

Still, times aren’t completely discounted. And one time that really stood out to Wisdorf Thursday was senior Sydney Foote’s in the 100 breaststroke.

“She went (1:18.11) and I haven’t seen her under (1:20) in a long time. So that was a really sweet thing,” Wisdorf said.

Foote took second in that event and even joked to Wisdorf a few days ago that she thought her PR of a sub-1:17 her sophomore year was a “fluke” because she hasn’t come close since.

Until Thursday, that is.

“She didn’t win the race, but it was definitely the most memorable I think,” Wisdorf said.

Joining Grenon on the winning 200 medley relay team were Foote, Alex Kraus and Morgan McGauley and they finished in 2:05.11 to beat out runner-up River Valley/Richland Center (2:08.84) by more than 3 seconds.

And McGauley notched Beaver Dam’s other win, taking first 200 individual medley in 2:31.85 by a nose over runner-up Rebecca Gilbertson (2:31.96) from River Valley/Richland Center.

Other highlights for Beaver Dam included PRs by McKenna Schwartz in the 100 butterfly (1:23.34) and Sarah Grenon in the 100 freestyle (1:03.28).

But the biggest highlight of all still was the news at the very end that today is water polo day.

“We’re not going to go and take it easy by any means,” Wisdorf said. “But it’s nice to know that they get to come and have a little bit of fun at practice tomorrow instead of having their butts kicked.”

Team scores: Beaver Dam 116, Kiel 50. River Valley/Richland Center 89, Beaver Dam 81. River Valley/Richland Center 122, Kiel 44.

(Winners and Beaver Dam finishers only): 200-yard medley relay — 1, Beaver Dam (Liz Grennon, Sydney Foote, Alex Kraus, Morgan McGauley), 2:05.11. 4, Beaver Dam (Camryn Gosdeck, Alyssa Foote, Maddie Derrick, Mitty Schwartz), 2:19.51. 200 freestyle — 1, Morgan Nabors, RV/RC, 2:09.75. 3, Alexis Bakke, BD, 2:25.99. 6, Katherine Panzer, BD, 2:31.49. 8, Brenna Tonn, BD, 2:35.49. 200 individual medley — 1, Morgan McGauley, BD, 2:31.85. 5, Camryn Gosdeck, BD, 2:47.69. 7, Sydney Asselin-Klein, 3:09.92. 50 freestyle — 1, Beverly Harper, RV/RC, :26.30. 4, Sydney Foote, BD, :27.37. 5, Sarah Grenon, BD, :27.70. 100 butterfly — 1, Liz Grenon, BD, 1:05.54. 3, Alex Kraus, BD, 1:16.32. 5, McKenna Schwartz, BD, 1:23.34. 100 freestyle — 1, Morgan Nabors, RV/RC, :58.04. 2, Morgan McGauley, BD, :59.23. 4, Sarah Grenon, BD, 1:03.28. 6, Alexis Bakke, BD, 1:06.29. 500 freestyle — 1, Shantai Giroux, RV/RC, 6:05.05. 4, Alex Kraus, BD, 6:35.72. 5, Katherine Panzer, BD, 6:40.93. 6, Maddie Derrick, BD, 6:43.39. 200 freestyle relay — 1, River Valley/Richland Center (Morgan Nabors, Nicole Liegel, Beverly Harper, Shantai Giroux), 1:49.89. 2, Beaver Dam (Alyssa Foote, Mitty Schwartz, Alexis Bakke, Sarah Grenon), 2:01.71. 4, Beaver Dam (McKenna Schwartz, Elora White, Brenna Tonn, Maddie Derrick), 2:10.98. 100 backstroke — 1, Liz Grenon, BD, 1:06.53. 3, Camryn Gosdeck, BD, 1:17.98. 4, McKenna Schwartz, BD, 1 19.38. 100 breaststroke — 1, Ally Boyer, Kiel, 1:15.11. 2, Sydney Foote, BD, 1:18.11. 4, Alyssa Foote, BD, 1:23.11. 6, Maddie Derrick, BD, 1:26.96. 400 freestyle relay — 1, River Valley/Richland Center (Beverly Harper, Shantai Giroux, Rebecca Gilbertson, Morgan Nabors), 3:59.59. 2, Beaver Dam (Liz Grenon, Alex Kraus, Sydney Foote, Morgan McGauley), 4:17.49. 4, Beaver Dam (Alexis Bakke, Katherine Panzer, Camryn Gosdeck, Sarah Grenon), 4:31.99.

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