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Alaina Hazelburg.jpg

Year in school: Senior.

Sports/Activities: Tennis, soccer, show choir, spring musicals, Incognito a capella group, National Honor Society, Student Council, Be the Change, Interact.

Most memorable sports moment: It was making it to tennis sectionals my junior and senior years. This year, I ended my high school tennis career with a win at sectionals.

Game-day superstition: Always wearing a certain hat or visor when I get ready to play a match for tennis and always wearing my pink and gray Adidas socks underneath my normal soccer socks.

Nickname: Alaina Lou or Lou.

Favorite sport: Tennis.

Favorite sports team: Green Bay Packers.

Favorite athletes: Christian Yelich, Alex Morgan and Madison Keys.

Favorite movie: Way too many to pick! Just a few include any of the “Hunger Games” movies, “Grease,” “Clueless” and “Elf.”

Favorite book: “The Sun is Also a Star” by Nicola Yoon.

Favorite food: Mashed potatoes.

Favorite restaurant: Olive Garden.

Dream vacation: A trip to Italy to sight-see, discover the streets of water, and to eat really good food.

Cats or dogs: Dogs!

What is Be The Change at Mayville and how are you involved in it? Be The Change at Mayville is a club that focuses on making the environment at school a safe place for everybody. Our biggest event of the year is organizing “Challenge Day,” which is a workshop day where we get all freshmen to attend and create a safe, open and caring space for students and adults to connect. This year I am co-president along with Taylor Trost.

What is your favorite musical you’ve been in and why? My favorite musical that I have been in is “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” because it involved a large ensemble and I love the arrangements within the musical.

How do you think the tennis season went this season? I feel this tennis season was my best one yet. My overall record was 14-4 and I spent a lot of time focusing on what I needed to improve to better my game.

Advice to young kids involved in sports: Make the most of it! Don’t take the time spent at practices or games for granted because before you know it, it’ll be over if you do not plan on continuing after high school. Also, be respectful to your coaches because they take the time out of their day to make you a better athlete.

If you had one day to spend $1 million, what would you buy? A good indoor tennis facility for anyone in the area and plane tickets for me and my family to Fiji.

What are three words that describe you? Hardworking, competitive, caring.

If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be? Sadie Robertson.

Post-high school plans: Attended college, undecided yet, and major in accounting. Hopefully, move to the Twin Cities once I finish college.

Role models: My parents.

What songs do you listen to before a game? Anything in my “PUMPED” playlist.

Regional Sports Reporter