Corey Bruckman, a Fall River voter, waits as poll worker Charmaine Schultz writes down his information Nov. 6 at Fall River Village Hall. A total of 716 Fall River residents cast votes in this year's midterm election.

More than 4,000 voters in Columbus and Fall River cast ballots in the Nov. 6 general election.

It was a strong turnout in both municipalities, especially for a mid-term election, with more than half the population hitting the polls. Similar to statewide totals, races for governor and attorney general were tight, but not as razor thin as the state’s margins.

In the governor’s race, in Columbus, Democratic candidate Tony Evers tallied 1,392 votes, while Republican incumbent Scott Walker netted 985. Phillip Anderson received 23 votes, followed by Maggie Turnbull (15), Michael J. White (14) and Arnie Enz (1).

In the race for attorney general, Democrat Josh Kaul received 1,328 votes, while Republican incumbent Brad Schimel had 1,007. Terry Larson picked up 58.

For secretary of state, longtime Democratic incumbent Doug LaFollette had 1,441 votes, while challenger Jay Schroeder, a Republican, had 957.

In the state treasurer’s race, Democrat Sarah Godlewski earned 1,331 votes in Columbus, followed by Travis Hartwig (963) and Andrew Zuelke (76).

Statewide, incumbent Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin easily defeated Republican challenger Leah Vukmir and that was also the case in Columbus. Baldwin notched 1,504 votes to Vukmir’s 916.

For Congress, District 6, Democratic challenger Dan Kohl had 1,420 votes, while his Republican counterpart, Glenn Grothman had 980. Grothman, however, finished with more votes throughout the district and will return to Washington.

In the race for state senator, Democratic challenger Michelle Zahn collected 1,391 votes, while Republic incumbent Scott Fitzgerald had 1,018. But, Fitzgerald finished with a higher district total to secure reelection.

There were also a few uncontested races. State Rep. John Jagler (District 37) won his reelection bid and finished with 1,551 Columbus votes. For Columbia County sheriff, Roger Brandner picked up 1,608 votes and, for clerk of circuit court, Susan Raimer finished with 1,630 votes.

Fall River totals

In the village of Fall River, Evers finished with 370 votes, while Walker had 325. Anderson finished with 11, White 3 and Turnbull 6.

For attorney general, Kaul had 345 votes and Schimel tallied 338. Larson had 19.

In the secretary of state race, LaFollette had 371 and Schroeder had 334. For state treasurer, 346 Fall River residents voted for Godlewski, while 315 chose Hartwig. Zuelke had 23.

For the U.S. Senate race, Baldwin had 388 and Vukmir finished with 324. For Congress, District 6, Fall River chose Kohl (358) as opposed to Grothman (335).

Unlike the city of Columbus, Fall River is located in District 42 of the State Assembly. In that race, incumbent Jon Plumer, a Republican, defeated Democratic challenger Ann Groves Lloyd, 366-337.

For sheriff, Brandner totaled 554 votes (there were 17 write-ins) and for clerk of circuit court, Raimer had 540 and 20 voters chose write-in candidates.

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