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NAAE Convention, Dec. 4-9: I will be attending the National Association of Agricultural Educators Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. I serve on the NAAE Executive Board and I am running for President-elect. The election will take place Dec. 9. If I am elected, I will serve one year as the president-elect and then serve the following year as the president of the NAAE.

Dec. 6, Late Start and Parent/Teacher Conferences: I will not be here for parent/teacher conferences, but if you have any questions or concerns you may call or email me.

Dec. 11, State FFA Officer Visit: Sam Jesse, the State FFA Sentinel, will be visiting Columbus and presenting to all of the Agriscience classes.

Dec. 18, FFA Meeting: 7 p.m., middle school meeting, 7:30 p.m., chapter meeting. The meeting will be held in the high school ag room 107.

Dec. 14-16, NICC Foundation Gift Wrapping: The FFA will be helping one of these nights. We will select a date soon and share in the next email.

Agricultural Food Science: The students focused on the chemical basis of food and organic compounds in food this week. They completed a lab on refrigeration and freezing, analyzing the use-by dates and what would happen to the food product if it was not kept frozen or cold. The students finished up the week with a food science lab. The students wore their lab coats, goggles, and food safety gloves to prepare a tasty chemical mixture. All of the ingredients were labeled with their chemical names. The students had to follow the lab procedure to figure out what they were making. In the end they all enjoyed some peanut brittle.

Agricultural Careers and Leadership: The students spent the week creating an E-portfolio using Google sites. They completed a resume and cover letter and then posted these items along with six artifacts, proving the skills and knowledge they have developed. The students will be sharing their E-portfolios on Monday. Last week the students also had an etiquette lesson on how to do a proper handshake and greeting. They also learned how to properly sit in a chair for a job interview.

Food, Forests and Wildlife: The students learned about Wisconsin’s Fun Faces of Agriculture and looked up Wisconsin Agricultural products from A to Z. They were to take note of the Wisconsin agricultural products they ate during Thanksgiving dinner.

Animals, Plants and Food Science: The students finished up their project creating an agricultural exchange box for a school in Vale, Oregon. The students each typed a couple of sentences about themselves in a letter to the students in Oregon. They all created one slide in a slideshow that Mrs. Crook will share with the Vale teacher and they sent a box of Wisconsin agricultural products and information about Columbus to Oregon. They started their food science unit last week, brainstorming food preservation methods.