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FFA Creed Speaking Speak Off: Columbus FFA had five freshmen interested in participating in the FFA Creed contest this year. This contest involves memorizing all five paragraphs of the FFA creed and then recite it and answer questions demonstrating the member’s ability to understand the meaning of the creed. The chapter can only enter two Creed speakers at the District contest so a speak-off was held Jan. 4. The Creed speakers were able to recite the Creed to demonstrate their level of memorization and speaking ability at this point. Last year’s Creed speakers helped evaluate the speakers.

Parliamentary Procedure Team: Columbus FFA has a team of seven FFA members to form a parliamentary procedure team. The members began practicing this week. The parliamentary procedure contest is one of the most esteemed Leadership Development Events (LDE) in the FFA. The team consists of six members, they are challenged to demonstrate five motions, and five additional motions within a ten minute frame of time. After they complete the demonstration, they have to answer questions about parliamentary procedure rules. This year’s team members include Abbygail Hayes (Chair), Amanda Dunbar (Secretary), Corrina Larson, Garret Baerwolf, Kyle Kilian, Jordan Prosser and Emma Paulson. The team will be busy practicing over the next two weeks to prepare for the district contest.

Employability Skills Contest: Hannah Dahl is competing in this speaking contest. She has been busy preparing a job description that is related to agriculture and that she can actually apply for as a high school student. In addition, she also has to create a resume and cover letter. These three items will be submitted two weeks prior to the contest. At the contest Hannah will be interviewed by three judges based on the job description, resume and cover letter she has submitted. This is a great contest to prepare individuals for future job interviews.

Upcoming events

FFA Meeting: The Columbus FFA Chapter meeting will be held on Monday, Jan. 14. The MS meeting will be held at 7 p.m. and the chapter meeting will follow at 7:30. The strawberry sale forms will be distributed at this meeting and the FFA officer applications. We hope to see you there!

Strawberry Sale: The Columbus FFA’s next big fundraiser will be the strawberry sale. The FFA members will receive the forms at the January FFA meeting to start selling on Jan. 15. This sale is an important fundraiser to help pay for registrations for judging teams, State FFA Convention, and the FFA banquet. All FFA members are expected to help sell! The strawberries are really good and can be purchased as a full flat, half flat or individual packages.

Jan. 21-District Speaking Contest: Several FFA members are currently working on their speeches for the Leadership Development Event (LDE). The chapter has five individuals memorizing the creed over winter break for a speak-off on Jan. 4. Corrina Larson is studying the discussion meet topics, Hannah Dahl is preparing for the Employability Skills contest, Emma Paulson signed up for prepared speaking and the Parliamentary Procedure team will be practicing soon. This is a great way for students to improve their communication skills and to become more familiar with current agricultural topics.

Agriscience Class:

Animal Science 1 and 2: The Animal Science students finished their anatomy unit this week. They reviewed for their anatomy test by traveling to different stations identifying external anatomy, bones on the skeleton and muscles. The students moved on to physiology and focused their attention on the urinary tract system, the respiratory system and the cardiovascular system. The students took notes and completed diagrams to prepare for the activities they will participate in this next week.

Food, Forests and Wildlife: The sixth grade shared their infomercials about the products they created out of items they would normally throw away. The project was to help students find ways to keep items out of our landfills. The class had some pretty creative projects including a plastic bag garland, bird feeders, a piggy bank and a bee trap. The class made a biodegradable plastic Jan. 4 using all corn ingredients. The students were challenged to come up with products that could be made from their corn plastic.

Pizza, Pets and Plants: The students concluded their pet nutrition unit by making doggy treats. The students were allowed to select from a number of ingredients to create their own doggy treat. The students had to weigh the ingredients they used, determine which nutrient category the ingredient fit in using a Purina website and then create a label for their doggy treat including all American Association of Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) regulated information. The students made some interesting doggy treats!

Exploring Agriscience: The students learned about the cacao (pronounced ca-cow) tree this week. They took a quiz to peak their interest in cacao and then watched a video sharing the history and special management of the cacao tree. Cacao can only grow in a band of climate on earth that is located 20 degrees above the equator to 20 degrees below the equator. The class then participated in a chocolate taste testing. They tasted the chocolate from samples with the highest percent cacao to the lowest percent of cacao. The class was able to taste the change in flavor move from bitter to sweet. The students learned that in order for chocolate to be a healthy dark chocolate it has to have 70 percent cacao.