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Great-grandson Levi spent some time with us up north at the lake. Needless to say, he had lots of fun fishing and swimming in the lake. But there was something else that caught the attention of that 3 1/2-year-old boy. He discovered acorns all over the ground. He saw things that most of us don’t see, but of course, his eyes are a lot better than some of our eyes.

At first, he didn’t know what those acorns were, but when we told him that those are the seeds that grow a big oak tree, he began collecting them. He had collected so many that his little hands could no longer hold all of them, and so we finally had to find a plastic jar to hold them all. He worked and worked at his project and before it was time to go home, he had a rather large sized jar almost full of acorns.

I think he wanted to take them home to begin a forest of his own. He was amazed to think that a little acorn could grow a big oak tree that reached into the sky.

Little did he know that trees are often mentioned in the Bible. In the very first Psalm, those of us who delight in the law of the Lord are likened to a tree that is planted by streams of waters, and which yield their fruit in its season, and prosper in all that they do.

Yes, Levi, was learning a very important lesson from those acorns that he collected. Our God is an amazing God, and one who can make a gigantic oak tree grow from even a small acorn. Even more so, God will help us to make amazing things happen by the things we say and the things we do. Let’s just do it, and make forests grow from something as small as an acorn.

Carol Hermann served the Columbus Presbyterian Church for 15 years until her retirement in July.