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Dear editor,

I am not a fan of Facebook. I prefer to occasionally write letters to the Columbus Journal. I always sign my name to my letters. Facebook is too anonymous for me. It is also too immediate. It appears that there was some spirited discussion at the last Columbus School Board meeting. Thoughtful civil dialogue is good. I encourage both sides of any issue to be respectful listeners.

Ironically, after I read the April 13 edition of the Columbus Journal I turned on ME TV, channel 190 on Spectrum Cable. I watched the last half of an episode of “Trackdown,” a half-hour western from the late 1950s starring a very young Robert Culp. Robert Culp plays a Texas Ranger attempting to keep law and order in the small Texas town of Porter in the 1870s.

This episode featured six young saddle bums under the age of 21 terrorizing the town and taking over the saloon and holding the saloon keeper hostage. Saddle bums in the 19th century were the equivalent of juvenile delinquents today. Ultimately the saloon keeper escaped, and all of the young men died in a blaze of gunfire; two shot in the back by the psychotic ringleader when they attempted to surrender. As the episode ended the saloon keeper asked, “Why did this happen?” and “Where can we find a solution?” Robert Culp’s last line to the townspeople to conclude the episode asked the rhetorical question, “Where were their parents?”

The episode first aired in 1959, sixty years ago. It could have aired today. I am asking all parents to look at themselves in the mirror to see if they have been the best example for their kids. The teachers, administrators, and school board of the Columbus School District can only do so much. Education starts at home.

I am a childless middle-aged man who stays engaged in his community's schools and votes.

Alan Strohschein


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