As Father’s Day approaches, Hope House is reflecting on the important roles that father figures play in a young person’s life.

Dads can be positive role models for boys, helping them to adopt a better awareness of their feelings and emotions. Equally, a daughter’s relationship with her dad can shape and impact her future relationships, her sense of self and how she expects to be treated. As children we learn the fundamentals of how to express and feel love, handle disagreements and process our feelings from our parents.

As your children are growing into young adults, it is important to help them understand that they deserve a healthy and equal relationship. Dads and adult males can also discuss and model consent, stand up against sexism and harassment, and express the importance of believing and supporting survivors of abuse.

Hope House would like to thank the many fathers, or those stepping into those roles, who are working hard to model healthy relationships, show their children that everyone deserves to be respected and to feel safe, and continue to show their children that they are loved and supported.

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Becky Berry,

Youth Educator/Advocate

Hope House of South Central Wisconsin

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