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The Columbus-Fall River High School bowling club returned to action after the holiday break with the varsity squad taking on the Lormira girls and the junior varsity battling Oconomowoc.

In match one, the varsity co-eds bowled to a tie, taking four of seven games but losing pin total 1,023-1,044. Brice Locke turned in six strikes and three spares while brother Cole rolled five strikes and one spare over 14 frames. Anna Miller turned in four strikes and one spare over 12 frames.

After this slow start, the team dominated in the second match, handily winning all seven games and pin total. Brice and Cole Locke turned in identical stats with six strikes, six spares and two opens. Kendall Minick rolled five strikes and three spares while Lauren Waddell contributed four strikes and three spares. Logan Denman had a solid performance with five strikes, seven spares and two opens. The team took pin total 1,304-964.

With five weeks left in the season, Brice Locke is among the top ten individual bowlers in District Six, in a field dominated by Watertown and Fort Atkinson players. He sits in the eighth spot currently and will have a chance to improve his standing Sunday as the team takes on the Oakfield girls’ squad in Watertown.

The junior varsity squad split the day with Oconomowoc. In match one, John Zielke rolled seven strikes and three spares. He was helped out by Caden Counard’s four strikes and six spares. Kylie Counard turned in three strikes and five spares. Kevin Watrud and Owen Mietzel mastered spare pick-ups with six each over the 14 frames. The team took five of seven games and won pin total 998-891.

Oconomowoc came out strong for the second match, winning the first three games. Columbus-Fall River won the fourth game by just three pins and only picked up one more win in the remaining three games. Oconomowoc took the match 5-2 and pin total 1,022 to 956. Kylie Counard rolled five strikes and six spares and John Zielke turned in four strikes and four spares.

The junior varsity takes on Mayville Sunday, Jan. 13.