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LETTER: Stop wasting taxpayer money

The Robin Vos/Michael Gableman audit is a waste of $680,000 of taxpayers' money. This "fraudit" is not needed as audits have already shown … Read more

LETTER: The simple math of vaccine effectiveness

I would like to offer some simple math for those who say that vaccines and masks don't work. As of Oct. 22, Dane County had the least numbe… Read more

LETTER: Thanks Jack's Tap for community support

Thank you from the board of the Portage Area United Way. Jack’s Tap provided an opportunity to support the Portage Area United Way by hosti… Read more

LETTER: Vos should be concerned with serving the citizens, not an agenda

This letter is in response to Robin Vos’s protests about being ordered to share public documents with the voters of Wisconsin. It is not su… Read more

LETTER: No slow down of youth e-cigarette use during pandemic

A new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms what many in public health have long feared, that despite th… Read more

LETTER: Fitzgerald wrong on COVID response

In your Oct. 6 Daily Citizen article you stated that President Joe Biden promised to defeat COVID but his approach has left much to be desi… Read more


NASH COLUMN: Republican hypocrisy never ends

What a mess. That statement covers almost everything we see and hear on the news. The worst part is that it seems to be getting worse inste… Read more


FROSTMAN COLUMN: Viroqua grapples with ‘Thin Blue Line’ controversy

Who would have thought Viroqua would become a center of controversy regarding the “Thin Blue Line”? Read more


Williams: Freedman Joseph R. Holmes was murdered on the steps of a Virginia courthouse. A new marker tells why his life mattered.

Michael Paul Williams — a columnist with the Richmond Times-Dispatch in Richmond, Va. — won the 2021 Pulitzer Prize in Commentary "for penetrating and historically insightful columns that guided Richmond, a former capital of the Confederacy, through the painful and complicated process of dismantling the city's monuments to white supremacy." Read more


STELLPFLUG COLUMN: Are you buying it?

Why do we care what Oprah Winfrey’s favorite tea is? Does Katy Couric influence what winter boots you buy? Do football players really know … Read more


NASH COLUMN: We form opinions in many ways

Since this is an opinion page, I thought I’d write about opinions: how we form them; when they can be dangerous; and the tools we can use t… Read more


FROSTMAN COLUMN: Redistricting game will be one to watch

“Who’s on First?” With baseball’s post-season in full swing, one can’t help but recall the ol’ Abbott and Costello routine, not understandi… Read more


The Ethical Life podcast: What are the ethical pitfalls of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Episode 23: Richard Kyte and Scott Rada talk about how to reduce the conflict and celebrate the traditions of these three holidays. Read more


Richard Kyte: Why finding a 'third place' is important to you — and to America

Commentary: People who have a regular third place expand their circle of friends, laugh more often, are more engaged in their community, are happier and live longer. Read more


Doctor turns patient: For years he helped people recover from strokes, then he had one.

ALISON BOWEN Chicago Tribune

Coming in as a patient through the doors he’d so often entered as chief medical officer "was a completely different perspective" for this Illinois doctor.  Read more