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Hands on Wisconsin: Republicans left the mainstream long ago

Republicans are gleeful that the Democratic Party is being to pulled to the left by a few radical activists. But the Republican Party abandoned moderate pragmatic principles for extreme right-wing ideology a long time again.  Read more

Huddle up for healthy relationships

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and loveisrespect.org has chosen the 2019 theme, Huddle Up for Healthy Relationships. As … Read more

Fill state’s gap in dental care for children

Too many children, especially in rural Wisconsin, are going without proper dental care. Read more

Baraboo should have paid teachers the extra 4 hours

“Why start that precedent?” was school board member Sean McNevin’s response to potentially paying teachers their full salary despite being … Read more

City streets in Portage are in dire need of repair

What a puzzling world. Amazing things happen. A heart can be replaced and also major joints in the skeleton. Read more

Virginia politicians must address legitimate questions about scandals

Neither Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam nor Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, each embroiled in scandal, gives any indication they are considering leavi… Read more


Zweifel column: Campus free speech is a one-way street for legislator

State Rep. David Murphy, a Republican from the Fox River Valley community of Greenville, fashions himself as the free speech expert for the… Read more

Commentary: Trump gets sued over his asylum policy. Again. Next up: His fake national emergency

Injunction, here we come? Immigrant rights groups sued the Trump administration Thursday over its brazen decision to force asylum-seekers from Central American to wait on the Mexico side of the border as their cases proceed. The policy is a blatant attempt to make it even harder for the desperate to exercise their legal rights to ask for protection from persecution in their home countries, and ... Read more

Nash column: Good and bad are part of life; we choose our destiny

All adults know that life consists of the good, the bad and the ugly. We’ve all learned — in our own ways — how we deal with, ignore, or be… Read more

Commentary: Are Democrats overstepping? Ask Barr

The structure of the U.S. Constitution assumes that the electoral process - aka politics - is the primary means of holding federal officials accountable to the people. Which is why President Trump's tweet storm assailing the House of Representatives' oversight hearings as "PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT" is wrong as a matter of constitutional law. The hearings inform our politics and reflect them; in ... Read more

Commentary: What would Lincoln do? America's 16th president navigated times even more polarized than today's

Abraham Lincoln, who was born 210 years ago this month, was president during an era even more rancorous and polarized than our own. Yet he managed to navigate it - not in a way that pleased everyone or made him popular, but rather by keeping the good of the country always in his sights. His path has lessons for today's leaders. Lincoln's political philosophy consisted of only a few ideas, and ... Read more

Commentary: Barbara Ehrenreich on the absurd contradictions of trying to age 'successfully'

Barbara Ehrenreich, at 77, is learning to just say no – no to the kind of intensive, intrusive medical tests that may tell her absolutely nothing, no to the books and the nostrums that say that you can live forever or make your body grow younger, not older. Once she realized she was old enough to die, Ehrenreich, the author of the new book "Natural Causes," said she decided she would put up ... Read more

Commentary: America has a farm labor shortage. We need a better guest worker program

Americans expect a lot from farmers and ranchers: fresh, unblemished fruits and vegetables, locally grown and responsibly harvested. In California, farmers and ranchers produce more than 400 commodities. That's more than a third of the country's vegetables and two-thirds of the country's fruits and nuts. California farm receipts exceeded $50 billion in 2017. This prodigious output isn't ... Read more

Landers column: Pulling the plug on Facebook

And just like that, I did it. Read more

Work continues to lift up Latino community in Dodge County

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Dania Galvan was born and raised in Beaver Dam. Read more