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LETTER: $1,500 raised from meat raffle

Thank you to everyone who came to our Meat Raffle at Jack's Tap benefiting the Portage Historical Society and the Museum at the Portage. Yo… Read more


LANDERS COLUMN: Won’t you be my neighbor?

The Dells School Board took a unique approach to try to get teachers to actually live where they work, by paying them extra to do so. A $20… Read more

LETTER: County hosts Clean Sweep of hazardous materials

Clean Sweep is an event to safely dispose of unwanted hazardous materials from homes and properties. The goal is to eliminate the dumping o… Read more


LAUNDRIE COLUMN: Enjoy summer days and nights

One early spring morning in Wisconsin, a luna moth pupa wiggles. It had spent all winter camouflaged in the leaf litter and its ability to … Read more


SUMWALT COLUMN: Anointing is holy business

Do you remember the movie, “The Lion King”? Did you notice that there is an anointing at the very beginning of the movie? After the birth o… Read more

LETTER: No more oil pipelines

I’m wondering how many readers know that there is an oil pipeline that runs through northern Wisconsin and under Lake Superior. Michigan’s … Read more


10 insights on today's news that will make you smarter tomorrow

Stay in the know! Browse through opinions and analysis on today's hottest topics. Read more


NASH COLUMN: Fight media bias by seeking out credible news sources

I never realized how many people believe lies over facts until I read that Tucker Carlson’s Tonight show on Fox News is the most watched ca… Read more


FROSTMAN COLUMN: VP Harris disrespects rural folk with condescending remarks

Does anyone remember the TV show “Green Acres?” Back in the 1960s, the program depicted a big city lawyer tired of urban life, so he and hi… Read more


ERPENBACH COLUMN: Setting the record straight on the state budget

On July 15, a Scott Frostman opinion piece was published that unfortunately provided inaccurate information on the state budget while also … Read more


The Ethical Life podcast: Should we cheer recent trips to space by billionaires?

Episode 17: The hosts also debate whether teens should be able to get vaccinated without their parents’ consent and discuss a study that shows many have lost confidence in big institutions. Read more


Richard Kyte: Life, water are undeniably connected

Opinion: When we take care of our waters, we take care of ourselves. Read more


STELLPFLUG COLUMN: Human Library a growth experience -- check me out

Am I always the last to hear about really cool ideas? Where have I been? And more pressing is why didn’t my friends and I think of it? Why … Read more


CONSIDINE COLUMN: Wisconsin’s past, present and future in hemp

July 17-23 is Hemp History Week, so it’s a great opportunity to highlight Wisconsin’s past, present, and future in the industry. In the pas… Read more


Arizona researcher provides more proof COVID came from market, not lab

Henry Brean Arizona Daily Star

New data strongly suggests COVID-19 jumped to humans from a wild animal sold at a Wuhan meat market, not from a Chinese germ lab, says a prominent University of Arizona researcher who specializes in the origins of outbreaks. Read more