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LETTER: What was Trump thinking by not calling Putin about Iran?

President Donald Trump’s obstreperous, obnoxious, boorish behavior and monumental mendacity have ostensibly come home to roost in regard to… Read more

EDITORIAL: President claims to champion Obamacare's top benefit while trying to kill it

With the blizzard of lies President Donald Trump regularly spouts, it’s impractical to correct him every single time he distorts the truth.… Read more


Phil Hands: Archive

Check out more cartoons from Phil Hands Read more

Crossing guards provide safety under all conditions

It is only fitting that crossing guard week occurs during what is typically the coldest time of the year in Columbus. Read more

LETTER: Favoring liberals a disservice to majority of readers

It is disheartening when I see an opinion piece every week or so from Pat Nash with her typical condescending tone aimed at anyone who has … Read more


EDITORIAL: The case of Bill Barr vs. Apple

Attorney General Barr should stop treating Apple like an enemy for protecting privacy Read more


REAGAN COLUMN: Another Democrat bombshell bombs

You’re excused if you didn’t hear about the latest impeachment “bombshell” that exploded in the media on Wednesday. Read more


Center Stage: Um, yeah. About those political predictions we made

On this week's podcast, Milfred and Hands experience some painful yet fun moments as they fact-check their cracked crystal ball from a year ago. Hands was right about impeachment and Foxconn, but totally blew it on Biden. Milfred tries to explain away his Beto debacle, but nailed Walker's pass. Read more


Commentary: Martin Luther King Jr.'s fight for health care equity must continue

America celebrates a distortion of Martin Luther King Jr., void of his prophetic call to justice by any nonviolent means necessary. Particularly around the annual remembrance of his life Monday, watch for his words to be repackaged in tasty sound bites and stripped of the so-called extremism that prompted FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to label him "the most dangerous man in America." Chicago ... Read more


Commentary: Joe McCarthy won the Democratic debate

When Elizabeth Warren aimed her character assassination at Bernie Sanders in the seventh Democratic presidential debate, she may have thought she'd won a round. And maybe she did. But the real winner was that old red baiter, the late Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin. Everything that man said and did was a lie (to borrow a description from another McCarthy - Mary, the writer). His dishonesty was so ... Read more


Commentary: Martin Luther King Jr. would want peace, not war with Iran

A great way to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is to listen to his words for peace. We need his inspiration as we are dangerously sliding toward war with Iran, and many other conflicts remain ongoing. King advocated diplomacy, talking to your enemies to build peace treaties instead of an endless spiral of tension and violence. When Dr. King won the Nobel Peace Prize he said: "Sooner or ... Read more


Commentary: After stirring up the Middle East, Trump now wants NATO's help? That's rich

President Donald Trump has come up with a new solution for the Middle East, a region that has embroiled the United States for decades in conflict and war. "I think that NATO should be expanded, and we should include the Middle East," he told reporters last week. "And we can come home, or largely come home and use NATO." He even had a name for it. "You call it NATOME" - NATO plus the Middle ... Read more


NASH COLUMN: Good bosses are up front, make organizations better

After having about 30 jobs, not including 15 years farming, I’ve been lucky to have only five horrible bosses. The longest I worked for any… Read more


Commentary: I went to a seminar on triggering — and was triggered by a MAGA hat

LOS ANGELES - I circle around UCLA's Moore Hall for the third time. Security officers block each entrance. Police in riot gear patrol the streets. Metal fences wall off the building from protesters, and barricades separate protesters on the left from those on the right. Everyone prepares for Donald Trump Jr.'s arrival to promote his new book, "Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants ... Read more


Judge rules to proceed in Sauk County homicide case against Richland Center woman

BRIDGET COOKE bcooke@wiscnews.com

A Sauk County judge ruled Thursday that a homicide case against a Richland Center woman will procee… Read more