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The oldest national parks in the US

Here's a look at the history and defining characteristics of the 25 oldest national parks. Read more


Taking the kids: On a cruise in Greece during the pandemic

Talk about piling on vacation stress. Read more


Is booking trips for 2022 a good idea?

In a world like the one we live in today, should we be booking flights and planning our trips for 2022? Buzz60’s Maria Mercedes Galuppo has… Read more


Why You Should Pack a Travel Guidebook, Even in 2021

I’ve seen more travel guidebooks on library shelves and coffee tables in vacation rentals than I have in travelers’ hands as they navigate a new city. I get it. Travel… Read more


Summer Road Trip Tips and Supplies

Sponsored Content: We hope these items from Gempler's enhance your next road trip. Read more


Rick Steves’ Europe: Guzelyurt: Beautiful land

Guzelyurt, in the region of Cappadocia in rural Turkey, is a town that has changed little over the centuries. Exploring it, I hike steeply down into a ravine, winding through a community in the rough — where the chores of daily life seemed stuck in the Middle Ages. Then, climbing up to a hilltop perch marking the end of town, I survey the view and marvel how the honey that holds this architectural baklava together is the community of people who live here — and the traditions they hold dear. Read more


Taking the kids: Halloween comes early, especially at theme parks

Got your costumes ready? Read more


Need a Passport for a Trip? Give Yourself a Big Time Cushion

If you’re a procrastinator and your passport is set to expire, hopefully you don’t have an international trip planned within the next four months (at least). The U.S. Department of… Read more

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Family travel 5: Prime locations for a last-minute family getaway

It’s never too late to plan a last-minute family getaway. Here are five ideas to consider: Read more


9/11: Then and now

Stacker reflects back on 9/11 and 20 ways life in the United States was changed by these terrorist attacks, using information from news rep… Read more


Croatia thrilled at summer season success despite COVID-19


Family travel 5: How to capture the moments that matter

During our extended time at home, many of us reviewed old family photos and relived vacations from years past. Read more


5 tips for safe and sane travel with someone who has dementia

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How To Get Cheap Travel Insurance

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How to Earn American Airlines Miles From Your Savings

In January 2020, savers got a new option. Instead of earning cash interest from depositing money in the bank, Bask Bank offered savers the option to earn AAdvantage miles. At the time of the launch, high-interest savings accounts offered a high enough rate to make it a tough decision between earning cash interest or miles. […] Read more

Is It Worth It To Price Shop Travel Insurance?

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