Titletown Brewing Co. Green 19 IPA WEB

Visitors enjoying a Green 19 India pale ale on the outdoor patio at Titletown Brewing in Green Bay are often treated to a freight train rolling by. The brewpub is in a turn-of-the-century train depot a stone's throw from the Fox River.

Wine lovers have Napa Valley. Bourbon connoisseurs have the distillery belt of Tennessee and Kentucky. 

While there are craft beer hotbeds like Grand Rapids, Michigan; Portland, Oregon; and metro Denver, there isn't a true Mecca of beer, a singular pilgrimage all the devout must make. 

That diffuse nature of America's beer landscape is part of what makes it great, and it also means lots of places (and people) can share in beer tourism.

Yes, beer tourism is a thing.

It's often event-driven, like the visitors who flock to our area for Madison Craft Beer Week in early May or the Great Taste of the Midwest beer festival each August.  

For beer-loving Wisconsinites, there are several clusters of beer attractions -- usually breweries -- that can be destinations for day or weekend trips any time.

All of the breweries listed below have tap rooms pouring samples (or more) of house beers. Tours are available, usually for a nominal fee that includes beer sampling. Check websites or call ahead for hours, and take it easy on the samples or use a designated driver.

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