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Anna Zavala and Brandon Fuller wait to hear questions for the final round of the geo bee.

Necedah schools will be sending one of their own to the next round in the National Geographic Geography Bee. The school level competition for the Necedah Area School District had ten contestants. Brandon Fuller was named the winner and will go on to compete in the next round.

“It’s a chance to show off your knowledge of geographical places,” Necedah Teacher Keith Crispell said. “It gets really in depth… They give out a scholarship to the national winner, $50,000, which is pretty cool.”

The students were given several rounds of questions, with scores determining who moved on to the next round.

Zavala was asked which state’s border with Wisconsin is defined by the St. Croix river. Zavala correctly answered Minnesota.

VanHoof was declared third place winner and Zavala proceeded to the final round against Fuller.

The final round disregarded the preexisting scores of the two contestants. Both were asked the same questions at the same time. Pronunciations and spelling did not affect the score.

The first question was on which state shares long boundaries with Iowa and Missouri along the Mississippi River. Both contestants incorrectly answered Kansas.

The second question was on the location of Amelia Earhart’s disappearance. Fuller correctly answered the Pacific Ocean, while Zavala answered the Atlantic Ocean.

The final question was on which Japanese island connects with the island of Hokkaido via tunnel. Both contestants gave incorrect answers. The correct answer is Honshu.

“Geography is more than just states and capitals,” Crispel said. “It’s a tough one to prepare for.”

“I didn’t think I would actually win it,” Fuller said. “The last question. That one, I had no clue.”

Fuller said he is excited for what comes next and would encourage any students thinking about trying the geo bee to do so.

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