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Six law enforcement officials were honored with Life Saving Awards on Dec. 21.

Mauston Police Officers Adam Noe, Brian Raabe, and Mike Sturek and Juneau County Sheriff’s Deputies Zac Board and Danica Gordon were presented with Life Saving Awards by Mauston Police Chief Mike Zilisch. “They all performed exceptionally this year,” Zilisch said.

Zilisch also received a Life Saving Award. The Life Saving Award is presented to law enforcement officials whose actions saved the life a citizen. The awards are produced by the national organization the Police Hall of Fame.

“Two of the officers here are not from my department,” Zilisch said. “However they were on a call with me and one of my officers when we saved a life… So I felt it was appropriate to present them with a Life Saving Award as well.”

Zilisch said he was proud of each officer and they handled themselves “with professionalism.”

Officers Sturek and Noe received their awards for actions taken on Jun. 5. Both were recognized by the Mauston Area Ambulance Service in a letter stating without the officers, the individual in need would have passed away. “They knew exactly what they had to do and they performed perfectly,” Zilisch said.

Sturek received a previous Life Saving Award in 2013.

Officer Raabe, Deputy Board and Deputy Gordon received their awards next. Because the emergency call was at the edge of Mauston’s city limits, officers from both the Mauston Police Department and Juneau County Sheriff’s Department responded. “We kind of all got sent to the same place at the same time,” Zilisch said.

Zilisch described the call as Raabe’s first “real test” and said he was proud of what he saw. “The event did not shake him up at all,” Zilisch said.

Zilisch also responded to the call and received an award for his actions. “It took all four of us to do what we did,” Zilisch said “We all worked very well together.”

Zilisch said had it not been for the deputies, he and Raabe would have been overwhelmed.

Juneau County Sheriff Brent Oleson said he was proud of the officers. “They did an extremely good job,” Oleson said. “(we’re) thankful for the great men and women.”

Fire Chief’s Report

Mauston Fire Chief Kim Hale reported seven calls for the month of November. “It’s been quite a year” Hale said. “We average about 86 calls a year, and now we’re at 130.”

Hale said he was pleased with performance of individuals in the fire cadets program. “They’re learning pretty well” Hale said. The cadets were recently made to do an exercise that involved getting their fire gear on and breathing apparatus operational within two minutes, and all cadets passed. “The kids are really getting into it real well… they really like that kind of hands-on stuff.”

Hale hopes the program will begin to include cadets from across the county, and not just Mauston. “It’s coming along real well,” Hale said.

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