A former Juneau County resident was arrested on Saturday and faces several charges, including two counts of sexual assault of a child.

Richard W. Delaney, 59, of Marshall, faces two counts of sexual assault of a child, one count of battery to a law enforcement officer, one count of resisting or obstructing an officer, one count of possession of THC (second offense) and a charge of possessing drug paraphernalia. Delaney is a former Necedah resident.

According to a criminal report, Officer Kevin Weinshrott of the Juneau County Sheriff’s Office interviewed the two alleged victims while working at River Side Park in the city of New Lisbon. One of the victims, age 13, told Weinshrott that she and a friend, described in the report as victim 2, also 13, were walking along a path when they fell and tripped in a hole. Victim 1 told Weinshrott that a 60 or 70-year-old man stopped them and told them that they were very beautiful and put his arms around their shoulders.

Victim 1 said Delaney began telling them about the sexual experiences he had with young girls when he was their age. Victim 1 said he touched both of them above their breasts and kissed them on the cheeks. Delaney allegedly fondled both girls while touching himself on the outside of his pants while talking to them.

After telling them they were beautiful, Delaney told the girls not to be taken advantage of by boys and poked them in their chests hard near their breasts. Victim 2 told Weinshrott that Delaney went on to say more sexually explicit material and grabbed both their arms in the process.

After Weinshrott approached and indentified Delaney, he could smell a very strong odor of intoxicants coming from Delaney’s mouth. Delaney was uncooperative, refusing to answer Weinshrott’s questions. After being arrested and placed in handcuffs, Delaney yelled at Weinshrott saying he didn’t do anything wrong, calling him “a (expletive) punk.”

With help from Chief Greg Jessen of the Lyndon Station Police Department, Weinshrott tried to transport Delaney to a squad car, but he tried to pull away and had to be placed in an escort hold. Upon arriving to the squad car, Weinshrott tried to search Delaney, but Delaney kicked him in the knee, causing pain but not requiring medical attention. After telling him to stop kicking, Weinshrott and Jessen brought Delaney to the ground.

Once on the ground, the officers found a small white metal pipe often referred to as a “one hitter” used to smoke marijuana. The device was packed with THC. An officer from the Mauston Police Department came on the scene and transported Delaney to the Juneau County Jail.

According to the report, Delaney continued to physically abuse officers after arriving to the jail. He kicked two deputies and had to be placed in a restraint chair.

A review of his public record on the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access website shows Delaney has been in court several times for various incidents, dating back to 1990. He was convicted of felony possession of marijuana on June 7, 2013 in Kenosha County.

For the charges stemming from the incident last Saturday, Delaney is scheduled to have an initial appearance at the Juneau County Justice Center on July 22 at 9 a.m.

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Ummah Rahat

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