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The new Mauston logo.

The Mauston Room Tax Committee has been taking steps to give the city a new look for tourists. Social Energizer, a design and marketing firm, has been hired by the Committee to give Mauston fresh branding.

Lynn Rasmussen, of Social Energizer, gave a presentation along with fellow consultants Tom Lyons and Chris Shudy about the work they have been doing for Mauston tourism.

One of the major changes is a focus on promoting the greater Mauston area. The group will promote all the attractions within 100 miles of Mauston, and not just the city itself.

Rasmussen said she wants the city to “have a new face to what people see when they think of Mauston.”

The logo for Mauston has been updated, along with the website The Facebook page has been changed to simply “Mauston.”

Shudy presented the new logo with a blue swoosh symbolizing water in the area and a yellow swoosh symbolizing the sun. The new tagline for the city is, “Mauston finds you…”

After “finds you” a host of elements can be added in advertising, like Mauston finds you boating.

“We use a lot of warms tones and images of people,” Shudy said. “ — warm friendly feelings and quick snapshots of in the moment happenings.”

The website will have descriptions of places available in the area. The hope is businesses will give their information to be added to the site.

The new plan will also have an emphasis on social media of all kinds.

The group said 75 percent of people use the internet to find a vacation spot.

Lyons said the spending on tourism marketing will give a bigger focus to digital marketing. He also spoke of working with other communities in the area to apply for Joint Marketing Effort grants. The grants are given to nearby communities who will work together for the project. Much of the marketing money would have been spent anyway, and it allows for some extra money to increase campaigning.

Patrick Reinsma, Wisconsin Department of Tourism regional tourism specialist, spoke about the impact tourism can have on a local economy. Wisconsin 187,650 jobs related to tourism. Juneau County has 727. Currently, county taxpayers save about $620 a year by revenue generated from taxes.

The new website and Facebook pages are live, but will see updates as time goes on.

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