Sunglasses equipped with video recording technology led to the arrest of a Mauston woman Tuesday.

Dawn D. Hess, 45, is charged with burglary of a building or dwelling, criminal trespass, obstructing an officer and disorderly conduct – domestic abuse. The burglary charge has a maximum sentence of up to 12 years and six months in prison.

According to the criminal complaint, police were called to an apartment in Mauston about an ongoing physical disturbance. When the officer arrived, he found two men yelling and screaming about a woman. As the officer walked towards the residence, Hess came outside and said she had been attacked and choked.

The officer went inside to speak with the person Hess said attacked her, he saw the man had “a red mark on his forearm, had blood present on his lips and nose, a scratch on his forehead, and several bruises/red marks on his legs.”

The main explained to the officer he had everything that happened recorded – due to surveillance sunglasses he was wearing.

When officers watched the video, it appeared to be consistent with the story the man told police. Hess came over and began yelling because he would not respond to her text messages. She came running into the residence, and the man shut the door.

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Hess claimed to be hurt from the door shutting on her leg. She then grabbed, and threw, the sunglasses. The man eventually recovered them, while Hess and the two men the officer saw yelling when the came to the residence, tried to get the sunglasses.

The victim said one of the men kicked and hit him, while Hess jumped on his back. Hess’ child was at the residence while the incident was ongoing.

Hess claimed she hurt her leg in the door and that the victim grabbed her and choked her. She then claimed the victim threw one of the men over the porch railing at the residence.

The officers said Hess’ story was inconsistent with what was shown on the video recording from the sunglasses.

Hess is due at the District Attorney’s office at 9:30 a.m. June 28 for a pre-trial conference. She has been released on a $550 cash bond.

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