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A Mauston woman faces drug charges after police say she was found in possession of methamphetamine.

Jayme Edgerton, 38, is charged with possession of methamphetamine. She faces up to three years and six months imprisonment for the charge.

According to the criminal complaint: A Wisconsin State Trooper observed a vehicle at about 3:43 a.m. July 4 traveling slower than traffic with an exhaust audible enough to suggest it had no muffler installed.

While following the vehicle, the trooper observed the vehicle slide over the fog line “putting its passenger side tires onto the shoulder.”

As the vehicle turned westbound onto Highway 82 the Trooper activated his vehicle’s emergency lights and siren to perform a traffic stop.

The driver, identified as Edgerton, stated she was on her way home from Wisconsin Dells, and recalled being pulled over for her vehicle’s loud exhaust in the past. She said she lost her muffler. The Trooper observed Edgerton’s eyes to be “bloodshot and glassy.”

Edgerton was informed she would undergo field sobriety tests. She was unable to follow the Trooper’s finger smoothly with her eyes as he moved it circles. Edgerton stated she would be unable to perform the “walk and turn” test because she didn’t “have the balance.”

The Trooper conducted a systematic search of Edgerton and found nothing of evidentiary value.

A search of her vehicle yielded a white purse containing a plastic container with “a clear/white crystal-like substance inside.” The Trooper believed the substance to be consistent in appearance with crystal methamphetamine. He also found a “used needle containing blood on it in the same white purse.”

The Trooper showed Edgerton what he found. Edgerton initially remained silent but eventually acknowledged the purse. She claimed she was not aware of the drugs in her purse and thought “she had been set up by a friend.”

Edgerton was transported to the Juneau County Jail. The substance found in her purse was tested with a presumptive confirmed presence of methamphetamine.

Edgerton is currently in the Juneau County Jail. Her initial appearance in court is Aug. 8.You can reach Jake Ekdahl on Twitter @JakeaEkdahl or contact him at 608-697-6353

You can reach Jake Ekdahl on Twitter @JakeaEkdahl or contact him at 608-697-6353