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Two Lemonweir adults faces drug charges after police say they were growing marijuana and had drug paraphernalia in their home with a four year old child.

Nicholas Krowiorz, 23, and Dakota Redmann, 24, are charged with maintaining a drug trafficking place. They faces up to three years and six months imprisonment for the charge.

According to the criminal complaint:

A Juneau County Deputy was contacted June 1 by a Child Protective Services worker in reference to a child welfare check in the Town of Lemonweir. The home had “excessive amounts of dirty laundry lying on the floors, dirty dishes overflowing in the sink and a juvenile child was living in the residence.” The CPS worker stated she believed the child was locked in a bedroom and the adults “do drugs around the child.”

Upon arriving at the residence, officers made contact with Redmann at the door. Redmann allowed the officers to enter the residence. Officers observed the floors to be “covered in garbage and clothing.” Krowiorz was also located inside the residence.

Officers detected the odor of marijuana in the bedroom. A four year old child was in the residence at the time.

Inside the bedroom closet, officers located “several marijuana plants.” Krowiorz admitted to growing marijuana in the closet and stated there were “three larger plants growing in the bathroom.”

Krowiorz gave the officers consent to search the home. The search yielded seven marijuana plants, a grow light, a grow tent, six glass smoking pipes, a silver marijuana grinder, marijuana seeds, Xanax, a digital scale and five smoking bongs.

The evidence was photographed.

The CPS worker informed officers she interviewed the four year old child and learned the child gets “locked in his bedroom.”

Neither Redmann nor Krowiorz are currently in the Juneau County Jail. Redmann and Krowiorz’s initial appearance in court is scheduled for Sep. 26.

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