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A Mauston man faces criminal charges after police say he attacked a woman.

Sylvester Johnson, 46, is charged with threat to a witness, battery by certain committed persons—sexually violent person in secure facility, criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct.

He faces up to six years imprisonment for the first charge and six years imprisonment for the second charge.

According to the criminal complaint:

A Mauston police officer was dispatched to Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center in Mauston April 26 after receiving a report of an assault on an employee.

Upon arriving at Sand Ridge and meeting with a security official, the officer was provided with incident reports and informed two victims were injured by Johnson. The victims were a 53 year old female and 59 year old male.

Johnson retrieved two heavy duty plastic property bins before walking to the second floor and throwing them down. One bin struck the female victim in the head and knocked her to the ground. She was working at her desk at the time.

A Sand Ridge security official stated Johnson then engaged in a “physical altercation” with other employees. Johnson broke free of the employees and moved toward the female victim.

She attempted to move towards the exit door but Johnson lunged towards her and caused her to fall on the ground. Johnson forcibly restrained the victim and began grabbing her in her feminine area.

The victim stated while this was happening Johnson yelled “I will get you,” multiple times.

Staff members were eventually able to separate Johnson from the victim and place him in restraints.

Photographs were taken of the female victim’s injuries to the head. The officer observed “discolored redness, the early signs of bruising, and possible swelling,” where the victim had been struck by the bin.

Johnson was informed May 2 of the results of his behavior disposition record hearing after the incident with the property bins.

Upon being informed of the results, Johnson stated of the victim, “If I go before a judge I will tell him I am going to kill her and if I see her I am going to kill her. On my mother I swear that.”

Johnson claimed the allegation of sexual assault was made up, but did not deny hitting the victim or fighting with other staff.

Johnson is currently in the Juneau County Jail. His initial appearance in court is scheduled for June 20 at the Juneau County Justice Center.

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Juneau County Star-Times reporter