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Sun Prairie woman charged with meth possession after Juneau County traffic stop
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Sun Prairie woman charged with meth possession after Juneau County traffic stop


A Sun Prairie woman allegedly repeatedly told police in Juneau County she had used cocaine intravenously while instead carrying methamphetamines, leading to drug charges.

Amanda Moore, 31, of Sun Prairie is charged with felony possession of methamphetamine. If convicted she faces up to three years and six months in prison or a fine of up to $10,000, or both.

According to the criminal complaint:

At about 11:51 p.m. May 27, state trooper Randy Gordon was driving on Highway O in the town of Lemonweir when he observed a truck stopped partially on the road.

After parking behind the truck, Gordon noticed a female standing outside the vehicle who appeared off balance and stumbled while walking. When approached, she identified herself as Amanda Moore, and said she ran out of gas.

In the vehicle Gordon made contact with two males, who provided identification. After identifying the males Gordon again spoke with Moore, who had red and glassy eyes, was “extremely jittery” with constricted pupils, was constantly moving and scratching at her arms and face.

Based on Moore’s demeanor and actions, Gordon suspected she was using methamphetamine and asked her what she was “high on.” Moore claimed she was not high. When asked to show her arms, Gordon observed fresh needle tracks on both arms.

When Gordon pointed out the needle tracks and asked if she used meth or heroin, Moore responded by claiming she does not use anything. Moore claimed an argument over the phone caused her behavior.

Gordon asked when the last time Moore “used” was, to which Moore responded “probably this morning.” When asked if she used meth or heroin again, Moore stated she used cocaine. Gordon stated that cocaine is not a drug people inject into their veins with a needle, to which Moore said she shoots cocaine. Asked if she had any cocaine or needles with her, Moore answered no.

Asked how long ago she had been driving, Moore stated “a little while,” and claimed to have been parked for several minutes.

After speaking with Moore, Gordon again made contact with the males. One stated Moore was driving, while the other said he was sleeping and did not know who had been driving. Gordon then ran Moore’s driver license through the system, where it returned as a valid driving status.

As two additional officers arrived on scene, Gordon returned to speak with Moore. Asked when the last time she used cocaine was, Moore replied “probably 4 this afternoon.” Gordon placed Moore under arrest based on her appearance of intoxication, admission to recently using cocaine, and clues observed during field sobriety testing.

Gordon placed Moore in handcuffs, during which she repeatedly tried to reach into her pants. After being asked to stop moving and asked what she had on her, Moore replied that she had “a bag” in her bra. Moore claimed the bag was not hers and did not know what was in the bag.

During a search of Moore a gem pack fell out of Moore’s shirt and onto the ground. The pack contained a small amount of a white crystalline substance, which Gordon recognized as methamphetamine. A search of the truck revealed six used hypodermic needles. The methamphetamine was weighed at the DeForest State Patrol Headquarters at 0.51 grams.

Moore is scheduled for an initial appearance Aug. 12 at the Juneau County Justice Center.

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