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A former Mauston social studies teacher was sentenced to 9 months in jail and four year probation Sept. 26 for charges stemming from sex with a former student of his.

Stewart Thompson, 25, was convicted of exposing genitals to a child, sex with a child 16 years or older and disorderly conduct. Charges of sex assault by school staff and child enticement were dismissed as part of a plea deal.

Thompson will lose his teaching license and must give a DNA sample.

According to the criminal complaint:

The Juneau County Sheriff’s Office was notified of an inappropriate relationship between Thompson and a student. On Jan. 26, two detectives followed Thompson and the victim.

The victim parked her vehicle and entered Thompson’s vehicle. Deputies followed as the two went to Quaker Stake and Lube in Middleton. Detectives observed the two having dinner at a restaurant and then driving back to Mauston.

As Thompson’s vehicle approached Interstate 90 exit 69, detectives activated their car’s emergency lights and pulled Thompson over. The detectives said they were conducting an investigation, and then took custody of both people and their cell phones.

In an interview with the victim, she said she met Thompson when she was a junior in high school and he was her history teacher. The two began messaging over text and Snapchat during the course of the second semester of her junior year. The messages included pictures of the victim in a bra and panties, and at least one occurrence of Thompson sending a picture of his genitals.

The victim said she did not have sex with Thompson until after her 17th birthday, but had spent time together at his apartment, including kissing, while she was 16. Thompson gave her a Victoria’s Secret gift card for her 17th birthday, and their sexual relationship started shortly after.

The victim said she had sex with Thompson at least 10 times.

The two met at Thompson’s apartment until the fall of 2016, when Mauston High School received an anonymous letter about the relationship. After that point, the two would meet at Thompson’s parents’ cabin in Warrens.

The victim said they would meet about one or two times a week. She said Thompson handed in his resignation Jan. 25 so it would be easier for the two of them to be together. She said the Middleton dinner date was their first official date, because Thompson was no longer a teacher.

Updated 10/3/2017: This article was changed to fix an error with the length of Thomspon's jail sentence.