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A local event celebrated ten years of helping provide information about women’s health and well being to the Juneau County area.

The Juneau County Women’s Health Initiative, a division of Mile Bluff Medical Foundation, celebrated its tenth anniversary of Women’s Night Out providing information about women’s health and well being to the area Oct. 5 at Mauston High School.

“It’s all about health and wellness whether its about getting your blood pressure taken or your retina screened or learning about food and nutrition or just seeing some new jewelry or new clothing,” said Martha Airth-Kindree executive director of Mile Bluff Medical Center Foundation.

Airth-Kindree said the event provides an opportunity for women to interact with each other about the importance of staying healthy not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally as well.

“Women don’t often get a chance to come together and have a good time have an inspirational talk where they take something away with them to help them improve their lives and feel better about themselves,” Airth-Kindree said.

The schedule of events included a Chinese raffle, a baked potato and fruit banquet, as well as an exhibit hall with booths to provide information about women’s health and well being from local vendors as well as health screenings. Speakers included three-time Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton who talked about the challenges she faced with bipolar disorder and Amy Dee who provided information on how to formulate positive thoughts by using humor in songs and stories.

“It’s fun, it’s education, it’s motivation,” Airth-Kindree said. “A lot of people come back here every year.”

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