Matt Flynn

Former Democratic Party of Wisconsin chairman Matt Flynn would freeze enrollment in the voucher programs and require the schools to follow the same laws that govern public schools, which would require the schools to accept students with all disabilities.

A new Marquette University poll found 44 percent of likely voters in the Aug. 14 Democratic gubernatorial primary are currently undecided. Candidate Matt Flynn sees that as a good thing for his prospects.

Flynn is a lawyer, Navy veteran, and former chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party. He feels as voters become more acquainted with him, he will begin to climb in popularity over the other candidates.

In the poll, 18 percent of respondents said they would vote for State Superintendent Tony Evers, while nine percent said they would vote for Madison Mayor Paul Soglin. Flynn received seven percent, while all other Democratic candidates were behind him in support.

Flynn feels his campaign is heading in the right direction to win the nomination. “We have the momentum,” Flynn said. “As the undecideds make their mind, they usually break for the candidate with the momentum.”

Though he said he has respect for the other candidates in the race and would endorse any of them in the event they won the nomination, Flynn feels he is best equipped to face off against incumbent Governor Scott Walker in the general election. “The question is who is most experienced and able to prosecute the case against Scott Walker,” Flynn said. “Because he’s gotten away with murder in the past with our last two nominees and we can’t let that happen again.”

Flynn’s platform includes the legalization of marijuana “for recreational and medicinal purposes.” Under his plan, marijuana would be taxed and regulated and only available to consumers aged 21 or older. “The tax revenues in California are over $200 million a year, and in our state that would be very welcome,” Flynn said. He would like to see at least some of that revenue go to property tax relief.

The current Wisconsin laws on marijuana are too punitive in Flynn’s view. “It doesn’t make sense to me,” Flynn said. If elected, he said he would pardon everyone in Wisconsin jails who is there due to marijuana possession charges “as long as there wasn’t violence or gang activity.”

Flynn would also pursue statewide access to high speed internet. “You can’t have a small business without high speed internet,” Flynn said. “You can’t confirm a credit card, you can’t place an order or take an order.”

A $15 minimum wage in Wisconsin is also a goal Flynn would like to pursue as governor. “Wages in Wisconsin are too low,” Flynn said. “And one of my priorities is going to be to raise wages in every county and every area in this state.”

Out of all the Democratic gubernatorial candidates, Flynn is perhaps the most strongly opposed to the Foxconn deal. If elected governor, he hopes to introduce legislation to reverse the deal. “Foxconn violates Chinese labor laws, which are a joke, and that Foxconn might not be legally operating in China itself,” Flynn said. “When a communist government says that a company may be illegal, you’d have to be damned blind or stupid to let them into Wisconsin.”

Flynn feels Wisconsin’s progressive legacy is at stake, and hopes to be the candidate to save it. “Our state used to be known for honest government, clean water, and high wages,” Flynn said. “Under Walker and the Republicans it’s now known for corrupt government, dirty wages, and low wages. And I’m running to change that.”

The Democratic gubernatorial primary is scheduled for Aug. 14.

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