Try 3 months for $3

While it’s still a few months from completion, administrators in the Mauston School District are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel in the campus fields renovation project.

During the July 17 school board meeting, Mauston Superintendent Christine Weymouth provided an update on the project. Weymouth said it’s unlikely the field, which is used for both varsity soccer and football, would be ready for full use until late in the season. Weymouth said the grass turf needs time to grow and stabilize before it can bear the brunt of two sports in the same season.

“It should be ready for one football game a week and probably one soccer game per week, but not two,” Weymouth said. “But the grass is growing and doing well.”

Weymouth said the proceeding couple months will be critical for the new field and she doesn’t see a lot of activities on the grass until October. Small tarps will be placed on the field after games to protect the turf while it’s still maturing.

Construction crews are placing a latex coating around the track which should be completed later this week. Piles of black dirt will be flattened down and grass will be put in the dirt to provide an entryway to the field. A fence has been placed around the track with gates coming next week.

“The bleachers are also coming along nicely,” Weymouth said. “We will also have a walking path built around the bleachers, which should cut down on casual walking on the track. The thought is since we’re spending a significant amount to renovate the track, we don’t want a lot of additional traffic on it.”

Budget time

Mauston is busy preparing its 2017-18 budget and will hold a special workshop to review the budget Aug. 7 at 6 p.m. If the workshop goes well, the board will likely pass the budget during its regular meeting Aug. 21.

Resignations and new hires

The board accepted the resignation of Amanda Brice, a second grade teacher at West Side Elementary School. Brice taught in the district for 10 years. Board President Carrie Buss said Brice accepted a position with the Baraboo School District.

“It will be sad to see her go,” said board member R.J. Rogers. “She has been a very good teacher for us and we wish her the best.”

The board approved the hiring of three new teachers at Olson Middle School. Michael Stoughtenger will teach science; Rebecca Carvalho will serve as a music instructor and Amanda Yonver will provide Spanish instruction at the middle school. She will also teach a section of Spanish at the high school and assist with the English language learner program.

Stoughtenger, a Mauston native, previously taught in New Lisbon. Carvalho went to college with high school music director Samantha Ley and was highly recommended by the young teacher.

“It’s nice to see that a teacher who has only been here a year has already recommended other teachers to come here,” Buss said. “That’s really nice to see.”

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