In honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Hope House is taking initiative to speak to others on how to support survivors of sexual assault. Survivors demonstrate strength, resiliency, and empowerment, but often at a cost. Following a sexual assault, the path to healing for a survivor can take many forms. It is important for those around a survivor to provide the level and variety of support that is needed. Survivors can experience a range of emotions from anger, sadness, depression and disbelief. It is important to allow the survivor to feel whatever emotions they are feeling at the moment. Allow them to express themselves if they can and remind them that it is okay if they cannot. Emotional healing is often not a quick process, rather survivors are required to not only digest their traumatic event, but they are also faced with learning how to cope and heal. If you know an adult survivor, remind them that it is their choice to decide whether or not they want to report. Allow the survivor to make decisions for themselves and as always, please contact Hope House if you or a loved one needs support, 608-356-7500 or 1-800-584-6790.

Abby Hoppe


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