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SUMWALT: Have you been touched by angels?

SUMWALT: Have you been touched by angels?

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Once upon a time there was a sleepy man whose eyes were opened wide one night when he saw something that surpassed knowledge, indeed surpassed anything that he had ever seen or imagined before. It happened as he lay in bed contemplating the events of that day, and as he was about to remember his loved ones in his nightly prayers. He saw something like a small flashing light out of the corner of his right eye, except that it was not a light, at least not in any conventional sense.

There were no lights on in the room and the shades were drawn on the one window. The light moved around, flickering from one point to another about three feet over the bed. It was glowing in the center; a fiery orange-red like an ember plucked from the coals, and it had greenish edges that seemed to ebb and flow. As the man watched, mesmerized, slowly coming awake to the possibility that the light was not of this world, it became larger and shape-shifted into a small human like figure, first a brilliant, radiant blue, then a rich, deep, divine purple. The figure came closer, a pulsating swirl, floating in an energy field that could only have been another dimension of reality usually beyond the ken of earthly souls.

The man put out his hand. The energy was thick, strangely palpable, a thick fog; it felt like thin water, if there were ever such a thing, though it was not wet. This alien being, for it was clearly something living, hovered over his head. He tried to communicate by thought, asking who it was and why it had come, but

there was no discernible response.

Then, in the peripheral vision of his left eye, there was another swirling spirit, cavorting in the same way.

The man watched, comforted by their presence, assured in a way surpassing knowledge that he was not alone, never had been alone, and would never be alone —- and wondering if these visitors were angels, the messengers of God often told by people of old.

Yes, this is what I saw the night of July 1, 2009.

Andrea Woodard, a member of First United Methodist Church in Waukesha, tells about seeing two angels when she was a student at UW-Whitewater:

“I have always believed in Angels, ever since I can remember. I thought of angels, as many do, with glowing halos over their heads, white gowns, and clear-as-crystal wings.

That image changed last year. It was my sophomore year in college at UW-Whitewater. I was attending my weekly Campus Crusade for Christ worship meeting. It was exactly one week after Sept. 11, 2001 and my spirit was kind of down. At our meeting, we always close with some songs. I normally sing, but I just didn’t feel in the mood, and it was a song I didn’t know well. As I was looking around at everyone else praising through song, my attention was drawn up to the ceiling. I’m not exactly sure why I looked up, but I’m glad I did.

Nothing could have prepared me for what my eyes saw. On top of a hanging light fixture, at the front of the room, I saw a greenish-yellow, glowing light. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, so I glanced down at the floor for a second and shook my head, then looked up again. I focused on the light fixture a little harder, trying to make out exactly what it was that I was seeing up there. Sure enough, the greenish-yellow glowing light was still shining brightly.

This was not my imagination! Slowly, I made out a silhouette of shoulders and a head, and soon the figure lifted up its hands to the heavens, like some people do when they are singing God’s hymns or worshiping. I was so shocked that I didn’t even think to tap my friend, Laura, who was standing next to me. My body just froze up in amazement.

After I had been looking at the angel for about ten seconds, another one appeared next to it, sitting on the light, but this one didn’t have its hands lifted up like the other one. I could just make out the silhouette of its shoulders and head. The glowing light, exactly like the first one, outlined it.

I will never forget those angels, and I feel blessed to have witnessed such an amazing sight. I know that many people will never get to see such a thing in their lifetimes. God is alive and active in our world. His angels have protected me numerous times, especially last year when I was in a bus that slid off the road and almost flipped over while doing a 360-degree spin. Now every time I go to Crusades, I look up when I’m singing, hoping that the angels will visit me again.”

Andrea shared this personal account in my book, “Sharing Visions: Divine Revelations, Angels & Holy Coincidences.”

John Sumwalt is a retired pastor and the author of “Shining Moments: Visions of the Holy in Ordinary Lives,” email, or call 608-383-1387.


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