Queen of hypocrisy

Queen of hypocrisy

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I hope I’m not the only one tired of the twisted, lying, half truths and ultra liberal babble spewing on the pages of the Star Times from Pat Nash. It looks like she gets her news from the lying fake news media, who wouldn't know the truth if they were sitting on it. It's a constant bash President Donald Trump, who has more brains, ability and git-her done than Barack Obama and crooked Hilary Clinton could ever dream about.

There's never a mention of Obama, crooked Clinton, or the FBI leaders who launched a political coup on President Trump. Those facts abound aplenty if you watch the Fox channels and listen to the talk shows on 99.9 FM in Wausau. They must have hit her liberal nerves because she even blasts Sean Hanity in her column. It must be because he makes a very good case of how the communist leaning liberals are out to destroy this country night after night.

“The liberals aren't out to take your guns.” Another outright lie. Just look at the agenda of the new crop of socialist liberals, lots of anti-gun bills. To a liberal, guns just get in the way of their socialist/communist agenda of total control of everything. How many guns do the people living in a communist country have? The first thing Venezuelan president Chavez did was take away the peoples guns. No surprise there. How's that working for the people now?

“Not a dime for the wall,” said the maladroit book-ends Nancy Pelosi and Schumer. Pelosi's first day of business was a bill providing an additional $12 billion foreign aid to multiple countries, more money to promote overseas abortions, and not a dime for border security or the wall. How do you like being played for an all day sucker by those who could care less about this county? Those border sneaks have cost us billions, criminal attacks, murders, drugs for a short list. And the Democrats refuse to “give even $1.” Of course President Trump is to blame. Next joke.

Delusional Pelosi and Nash, one who thinks she has been voted president by the people and refuses to even negotiate on the security of the people. Nash who thinks she should be the one to write Trump's State of the Union address. She couldn't carry his water bottle across the street.

Mark Levin's Jan. 27 show on Fox news covered witch hunter Robert Mueller, his pit bull prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, and the whole crooked Obama administration. Weissmann has a history of trashing people and corporations with convictions that get overturned by higher courts. By then these victims’ lives have been ruined. That's exactly what's going on with the attacks on anyone in Trump's circle. Two years, millions of dollars wasted, no collusion.

I guess because the liberals have no policy to brag about, babble's the best she can do. Nash never lets the facts get in the way of her liberal twisted narrative.

Dean Hansen, New Lisbon

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