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Letters to the Editor appear to come from Prince of Siberia.

I was surprised that the Juneau County Star Times published such a long letter from one of its readers calling Pat Nash, “The Queen of hypocrisy.” I found the letter to have a similarity to social media posts published by Russian operatives on Facebook and other social media apps. I recommend that the author of the letter submit his resume to Mr. Putin since it appears that he has all the talents that Russia is looking for in a social media consultant. The only thing that the author failed to mention was the false report published during the 2016 election that Hillary Clinton operated a prostitution ring out of a pizza parlor in Washington D.C. Another thing that the author of “The Queen of hypocrisy” failed to mention is that many Republican’s as well as Democrats are opposed to funding Mr. Trump’s wall, even if there are so many Republicans who will be too cowardly to vote against the wall. However, just like Trump, it appears that facts don’t matter to Mr. Trump’s supporters, as long as the United States continues to endure mass killings on a weekly basis.

I also wish to address an unrelated matter appearing in the same edition of the Juneau County Star Times. I was disappointed that Autumn Luedke of the Juneau County Star Times characterized Governor Evers’ proposed legislation to legalize medical cannabis as “Reefer Reform.” Such a characterization denigrates Governor Evers efforts because it fails to take into account the breakthroughs made by leading medical researchers in the United States and Israel that have demonstrated that cannabis can treat a variety of medical conditions without the addictive side effects of opioids and other pain killers. Aside from its use to alleviate pain, medical cannabis has proven very effective in treating seizures and other neurological disorders. I do want to acknowledge in all fairness that the article written by Ms. Luedke was a good one. I only recommend that she be more careful of how she headlines her work.

Stephen Weiser, Wonewoc

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