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The Trump Administration is known for its incompetents, crooks and traitors. They’ve bungled everything they’ve touched, from foreign policy to climate change, and now the economy is teetering. President Trump has managed the presidency like a pig in a china shop, while feeding us bull.

Rampant illicit relations between the Trump Administration and the Russians have been exposed. All that remains is for Special Counsel Mueller to get more indictments.

But it’s not just Trump. The Trump disaster would have been checked long ago if not for the irresponsible, and recently rejected, Republican Congress. Congressional jobs have become so cushy that members support a scoundrel president rather than risking his wrath in an election.

Other Republicans align with Trump because they share his selfishness and greed. Former cabinet members Scott Pruitt and Ryan Zinke were canned for ripping off the government. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, another Trump groupie, shares those values. He wants to do away with regulations so that private businesses can run roughshod over consumers and the environment.

The epitaph for the Trump Administration may have been written by T.S. Elliott a century ago: “We men the hollowmen . . . Headpiece filled with straw.”

Dave Wester, Baraboo