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Necedah High School hosted the Blizzard Open Meet last Saturday, with both middle and high school athletes competing.

High school athletes were separated into two divisions Teen 1 (14-15 years old) and Teen 2 (16-17 years old). Each category had two weight classes, 57 kg and below and 63 kg and above for the girls and 74 kg and 83 kg for the boys.

On the girl’s side, Teen 1 division results include Machaela Exner in 1st place at 57 kg and below weight class while Trinity Mead placed 3rd and Riley Ganther placed 4th in the same weight category. In the 63 kg weight class Teen 1category, Elena Marquez placed 1st while Kendra Trewyn placed 3rd. In the Raw Teen 1category, Meg Wesolek placed 1st in the 57kg and below division.

In the Teen 2 category, Kendra Bartels placed 1st in the 57 kg and below weight class. In the 63 weight class, Cloe Winters placed 1st while Noelle Ladwig and Melanie Hess tied for 2nd place overall. Fourth place went to Samantha Kristian and Sophia Becerra placed 5th.

For the boys, Holden Manhart placed 1st in the 74 kg and below weight class and Eli Zavala placed 1st in the 74 kg and below weight class in the Teen 2 division. In the Teen 2, 83kg and above weight class, Dalton Stalled placed 2nd while teammates Tyler David placed 3rd and Shan Bloomer placed 4th respectively.

Middle school athletes competed in the Youth Division ranging from ages 8-13 and had two weight classes. Results were Anna Renner placed 1st in the Youth 52kg and above weight class while Alissa Saunders placed 2nd while Caydence Exner placed 3rd in the same weight class respectively. Jaylyn Warner placed 3rd in the Youth 47kg and below weight class while Tapenga Tegelman placed 4th and Allison Bilski placed 5th.

The next meet for Necedah Powerlifting will be at Mauston High School Saturday, January 14.