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The most popular baby names so far in 2017

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The year's not over yet, but the pregnancy and parenting website BabyCenter has already been keeping tabs on what baby names are most popular for newborns in 2017.

While there might be a few surprises here, the names at the top of the list have held steady for the past few years. The No. 1 girl name has been in the top five on the list since 2002, and the top boy name has been in the No. 1 or 2 spot for the past five years.

Here's a look at the top 10 names for boys and girls and how they've changed in ranking from 2016.

Baby girl


  1. Emma (no change from 2016)
  2. Olivia (no change)
  3. Ava (no change)
  4. Isabella (up one spot)
  5. Sophia (down one)
  6. Mia (no change)
  7. Amelia (up one)
  8. Charlotte (down one)
  9. Harper (no change)
  10. Aria (up seven)

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Baby boy


  1. Liam (up one)
  2. Noah (down one)
  3. Lucas (up two)
  4. Mason (no change)
  5. Oliver (up one)
  6. Logan (up five)
  7. Ethan (down four)
  8. Elijah (no change)
  9. Aiden (down two)
  10. Benjamin (no change)