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Victims recount horror, lasting effects of 2018 crash when semi struck school bus along I-39 near Arlington

In May of last year, Antonio Holder escorted his son from the wreckage of the school bus they were traveling in after it had been struck by a semi on the shoulder of the interstate.

IN DEPTH: Boxing programs offer fighting chance to those suffering from Parkinson’s

A new fitness program using non-contact boxing training is helping those suffering from Parkinson’s disease to beat back the illness. Physical activity is considered the best treatment to stave off the most serious health implications of Parkinson’s.

Veterinarians, area retailers at odds over FDA advisory to avoid all pig ear treats for pets

Local veterinarians and pet stores are at odds over a Food and Drug Administration advisory that warns pet owners to avoid purchasing pig ear treats for pets over concerns about salmonella.


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Stellpflug column: Ice cream meltdown proof climate change has arrived

Global warming is here. I absolutely know this to be true.

Nash column: Kids say the darndest things

Those of a certain age may remember Art Linkletter’s show, “Kids Say the Darndest Things.” And if we have children, grandchildren or have spent time with the young and innocent, we know how true that is.

Frostman column: Dismantling of traditional family driving angry youth

Horrific images are too often shared across America. Families and communities are sent asunder by actions of one person set on doing great harm in a short time.

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