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IN DEPTH: After record 2018 floods, municipalities share lessons learned, new way forward

Flooding hit the region hard in August and September 2018, with heavy and constant rains destroying homes, raising water levels, washing out roads, and causing tens of millions of dollars in damage. In the last year, municipalities in the county have evaluated the lessons learned from those …

Victims recount horror, lasting effects of 2018 crash when semi struck school bus along I-39 near Arlington

In May of last year, Antonio Holder escorted his son from the wreckage of the school bus they were traveling in after it had been struck by a semi on the shoulder of the interstate.

IN DEPTH: Boxing programs offer fighting chance to those suffering from Parkinson’s

A new fitness program using non-contact boxing training is helping those suffering from Parkinson’s disease to beat back the illness. Physical activity is considered the best treatment to stave off the most serious health implications of Parkinson’s.


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Nash column: Trump administration sets new low with incompetence

President Donald Trump and his Republican enablers in Congress make it more obvious every day that they lack morals, courage, compassion and the capability to govern with integrity. It’s time Americans start asking them questions.

Baraboo police say new headquarters has increased officers' efficiency

Baraboo police officials say having more space available than the department initially knows what to do with it is a good problem to have, and smart planning for the future.

Frostman column: Hong Kong protesters set bar in seeking social change

The coverage shows thousands of protesters taking to the streets, fearing an erosion of liberty. The flag they choose to bear in this fight for freedom is no less than the American flag.

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