Pat Lynch
Pat Lynch

JUNEAU - Former Fox Lake Police Chief Patrick Lynch will appear in Dodge County Circuit Court today on charges that he sexually assaulted a 7-year-old girl and stalked three people.

Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced Wednesday that the Wisconsin Department of Justice filed a felony complaint against Lynch and he was arrested.

Lynch is charged with one count of sexual assault and three counts of stalking.

Lynch resigned from the Fox Lake Police Department in February 2009, after 23 years as chief of police. His years as chief weren't without controversy. In 2008, he served a four-day suspension from the police department following an incident that prompted one of the charges filed on Wednesday.

The sexual assault claim is from 1989. According to the criminal complaint, a 28-year-old woman, said when she was 7 years old, Lynch sexually assaulted her in the bathroom of her family's home. She reported Lynch was a friend of her father and was wearing his police uniform when the assault occurred.

The second count he is being charged with is stalking. The same woman reported that when she was in high school, Lynch would wait in his Fox Lake Police squad car in the parking lot of her workplace in Beaver Dam when she left for the night. When asked about it, Lynch claimed he was waiting to give a relative a ride.

When she started working at a bank in Beaver Dam, she reported Lynch would come into the bank and wait to go through her line, even if other tellers were open. When he got to her station, he would just stare at her.

After a few years, she started working at a different bank in Beaver Dam. She reported Lynch started showing up at that bank. She reported he had an account at the bank, before she started working there, but had always gone to another branch. She reported she would ask her co-workers to complete his transactions for her.

She also reported seeing Lynch drive past her Beaver Dam home in his Fox Lake squad car multiple times.

The second count of stalking is related to an incident that resulted in his suspension from the police force for four days.

The incident occurred in February 2007, when Lynch and another man scuffled at his ex-wife's apartment. The man reported that he dated Lynch's ex-wife from 2004 to 2007. He reported that Lynch followed him around town and when he came to intersections, Lynch would maneuver his car so the man had difficulty proceeding through the intersections.

He also reported that when he would leave his home for work at around 5 a.m., Lynch would exit an apartment nearby. He reported he would see Lynch drive by his place of employment in Fox Lake several times a day in his marked squad car and when the man left work, he would see Lynch in his squad car throughout his drive home.

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The man also claims in 2005, he and Lynch got into an argument in a bar in Fox Lake. He said Lynch accused the man of being with his ex-wife, despite Lynch and his wife having divorced eight years prior.

In the 2007 incident, the man reported Lynch arrived at his ex-wife's apartment and hit him in the face. The man said Lynch continued hitting him until he fell to the ground, where Lynch kicked him in the head. The man who reported the incident was charged with disorderly conduct.

The final complaint of stalking was from a former employee of the Fox Lake Police Department.

She reported after she left the police department, she went to work at another business in Fox Lake. She said Lynch was acquainted with her and knew her husband well. She separated from her husband after she left employment with the police department.

She said after she moved, she would see Lynch up to 10 times a day. When she was at work and her supervisor was gone, Lynch would come in and try to talk to her.

She reported she developed a code word, so other employees would come to where she was and she wouldn't be left alone with Lynch.

She said when she left to run errands or go home, Lynch would follow her in his private vehicle. She said he would call her at work and often at her home.

She stated in spring of 2005, Lynch called her from a city of Fox Lake telephone line and then showed up uninvited at her home with a cooler of beer. He appeared to be intoxicated.

She also said he would show up at her house on a motorcycle and would tell her he was taking her for a ride.

She said the last time he showed up was on Mother's Day and her son witnessed unwanted contact by Lynch.

The woman said she didn't tell Lynch to stop following her, because she was afraid he would harm her.

If convicted on all four counts, Lynch could face up to 30 years in prison and fines of up to $10,000.

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And in my opinion now it is sad to say that Nehls is using this poor woman to do the work he never could. This individual went to work everyday to protect your rights and way of life and for that you bash him. PEOPLE HE GETS HIS DAY IN COURT. and do you think it fair that if after you retire from a lifetime of work and say you get accused of doing something that you know you didnt do not to mention is fabricated, you have been publically humiliated and made out to be the worst person ever. Do you think you should lose your retirement because of this. People he worked he worked he worked and deserves his retirement so back off.. It is just so unfortunate that Lynch has to go through this after dealing with the accusations for so long. Stay strong Pat and know that not everyone believes what comes out of Nehls mouth.


You people should take a step back and look at who is really behind all these allegations. You guessed it Todd Nehls. This guy has made a career out of ruining others lifes and families, not to mention making false statements to the press. Nehls is doing it again to make himself look better at the expense of others. I for one do not believe the accusations against Lynch. I do not know personally, however have seen first hand the tactics used by Nehls and certain members of the Dodge County Sheriffs Department along with the press to convict someone in the public eye way before they have there day in court. Which wouldnt be necessary if he minded his own damn business. Lets just say that after 21 years she finally comes and speaks up. ask yourself one question. What did Nehls promise her ? He obviously never had the evidence before to charge Lynch so what changed. Nehls has been out to get Lynch for years cause Lynch wouldnt fall under the Pressure to do whatever Nehls wanted

charles crochet

The best place for this fine fellow would be in the general population in waupun a child molesting police officer! what a discrace! so much for "To protect and to serve" now its youre being watched by a perv. Makes me wonder what else this creep has gotten away with.


[quote]iforgot said: "If guilty does he lose his pension? He has abused his power for years. The sheriffs department knows about the abuse."[/quote]

Who polices the Police?

Randall McConochie

If guilty does he lose his pension? He has abused his power for years. The sheriffs department knows about the abuse.


How creepy, not to mention gross abuse of power if any of the allegations are true. How has he been enabled to keep his position over the years?


Nice piece of work. They let him harass these people for years.

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