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A Mauston woman faces criminal charges after allegedly stealing an individual’s credit card and making purchases with it.

Kristi Dahlgren, 46, is charged with felony bail jumping, identity theft—financial gain, and credit card—fraudulent use $2500 (four counts). She faces up to six years imprisonment for the first charge.

According to the criminal complaint:

On Nov. 14 a Mauston police officer was notified by the Juneau County Communication Center that a woman wanted to report fraudulent use of her credit card.

The officer contacted the woman by telephone and recorded their conversation The woman stated she had received a call from the Discover credit card company. Discover had asked her “if she had been making numerous charges to numerous places.” The places included business in Mauston and Juneau County. The woman replied she had not been making those charges and had never heard of these business.

The woman stated she did not know anyone who lived in Mauston except for Dahlgren. The woman said Dahlgren had taken her credit card information before, but she did not “press charges.”

The woman called Dahlgren on the telephone and left a voicemail. Dahlgren later responded to the voicemail via text message, stating “I hope you know that I had absolutely no idea the numbers I had were yours until tonight when I used for an order. I never even saw your card or the numbers ever… I will call you tomorrow I’m not that stupid to do any of this bullshit again.”

The woman emailed the officer a picture of the Discover credit card statement with the disputed charges.

The officer made contact with Dahlgren on the telephone after the woman gave him her number. Dahlgren agreed to meet with the officer at the Mauston police department on Nov. 19 but did not show up for the meeting. She left a voicemail and said she wanted to reschedule.

The woman whose information had been stolen informed the officer in a phone interview on Nov. 27 Dahlgren had tried to use another credit card to pay for a bill at the Sunrise Motel in Necedah. The officer asked the owner if Dahlgren had used that credit card. The owner said Dahlgren had texted her credit card information and sent a picture of the credit card. The owner charged the card $200 for services rendered to Dahlgren.

The owner later received a call asking about the $200 charge. The owner replied that she would refund the charge. Dahlgren then offered to use a different credit card to pay her bill, but the owner informed her she would only accept cash from Dahlgren.

On Nov. 28, the officer went to the Roman Castle restaurant in Mauston to drop off a list of the disputed charges Dahlgren had made with the woman’s credit card. The officer was informed several employees of the restaurant would speak with him about Dahlgren’s use of the credit card information.

One employee stated the first time Dahlgren came to the restaurant, she gave her credit card information on a piece of paper. Dahlgren said she had lost her credit card and another one was in the mail. The employee said Dahlgren came in several more times and paid her bill in the same manner.

Dahlgren had also inquired about getting a job at Roman Castle and was hired the year before. The employee recalled a time Dahlgren had requested that she order a pizza with the woman’s credit card and put a $150 tip on the order, which she would collect the next day. The employee replied she did not feel comfortable doing that. The employee provided screen shots of the text messages.

Another employee stated she saw Dahlgren use the credit card information the “one day” she actually worked at the restaurant. She said she saw Dahlgren order food and add a $20 tip to the bill. When the employee asker her about this, Dahlgren replied she “needed the cash.”

By Dec. 1, nine of the 10 transactions Dahlgren had made at the Roman Castle restaurant had been found and photocopied by employees. The photocopies were left for the officer at the Mauston police department. The last four digits of the credit card used for the purchases were identical to the digits on the woman’s credit card. Each transaction was also manually entered into the card machine at Roman Castle.

Dahlgren was also found to have used the woman’s credit card for a hair appointment at The Company Hair in Mauston. The stylist stated she had received a call from a woman before Dahlgren came. The caller claimed to be the woman whose name was on the credit card, and she wanted to pay for Dahlgren’s hair appointment as a birthday gift. The total for the hair appointment was $138. The total amount charged on the credit card in the City of Mauston was $442.67.

The woman whose information was stolen informed the office she believed Dahlgren photographed her credit card the last time she came to visit. The woman stated she had left her purse on the counter unattended, and believed that was when Dahlgren photographed the card.

Dahlgren was arrested on Dec. 6 and transported to Juneau County Jail without incident. She is currently in Juneau County Jail. Her initial appearance in court is scheduled for Dec. 20 at the Juneau County Justice Center.

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