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A New Lisbon man faces homicide charges after allegedly hitting a building with his vehicle while intoxicated and causing the death of Jamee Fairbairn, 36.

John Kolinski, 29, is charged with homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle. He faces up to twenty five years imprisonment for the charge.

According to the criminal complaint:

On Dec. 12, an officer and deputy were dispatched after a reported vehicular accident. A driver was reported to have struck the building on 499 West State Street in New Lisbon and then fled the scene.

The officer observed several cans of unopened soda scattered throughout the scene and a bumper located on the west side of the building. The license plate was still attached to the bumper and the officer ran the plate through Juneau County Dispatch. He was informed there was no vehicle associated with the registration.

From the snow on the ground, the officer was able to determine the vehicle had made a left turn out of the parking lot and headed on West State Street towards Camp Douglas.

The officer drove through the Bader’s West trailer court to see whether any parked vehicles were missing bumpers. A vehicle with substantial rear and side damage was found. The officer observed “the passenger side of the vehicle between the front and rear passenger doors to be crushed into the car by about 3 to 4 feet… There was no rear bumper on the vehicle and the rear glass of the car was broken out.”

An individual who was identified as John Kolinski was found standing outside the vehicle. The officer saw Kolinski “had blood running down his face and arms.” Blood also covered Kolinski’s clothing and the side of the vehicle.

The officer asked Kolinski what had happened. Kolinski replied he did not remember, saying “he was driving one minute and then blacked out.”

As the officer got closer to the vehicle, he saw “a female slumped across the driver seat and passenger seat… her legs were pinned between the passenger door and the passenger car seat.” The passenger car seat had been pushed over so far it was touching the driver seat. The female was later identified as Fairbairn.

The officer attempted to assist the Fairbairn and Kolinski repeatedly screamed asking her if she was alright. Kolinski asked if he was going to prison for “killing her.” Kolinski claimed Fairbairn had grabbed the steering wheel while they were driving, causing the accident.

Kolinski appeared to have injuries but was able to walk.

The officer informed dispatch an ambulance would be required and the fire department was notified they would be needed to extricate Fairbairn from the vehicle. Wisconsin State Patrol was also requested to send an accident reconstructionist.

The officer attempted several times to free Fairbairn from the vehicle, but her leg was pinned down. The officer attempted to find a pulse on Fairbairn, she did not appear to be breathing. There were “large amounts of blood in her hair and on her face.”

Eventually, the officer was able to pull Fairbairn from the vehicle onto the ground. The officer began performing chest compressions and “could hear gurgling in her airway.” She was bleeding from both her ears and nose.

The deputy administered air through a breathing mask while the officer continued performing chest compressions.

When first responders arrived on scene, they placed a defibrillator on Fairbairn and relieved the officers.

A deputy made contact with Kolinski and “could smell the odor of intoxicants immediately.” Kolinski’s pupils were not responsive to light when the deputy shined his flashlight in their direction. Kolinski had slurred speech and complained of bag and leg pain.

The deputy asked Kolinski how much he had had to drink. Kolinski replied “not enough,” and then stated “I mean too much.” Kolinski said he had been driving from Tomah to New Lisbon and had been arguing with Fairbairn, his girlfriend. Kolinski claimed Fairbairn had grabbed his phone which caused him to lose control.

Kolinski was informed he was under arrest and gave consent to have his blood drawn.

While having his blood drawn, a doctor reported Kolinski had an aortic dissection and a fractured pelvis.

The vehicle was towed and taken to the Juneau County impound lot. The bumper of the vehicle was placed into evidence. A bag with a syringe and other paraphernalia was found in the driveway and placed into evidence.

Kolinski is currently in Juneau County Jail. He is scheduled to appear in court at the Juneau County Justice Center on Jan. 22.

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