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The three women who want to be Oregon’s next governor clashed over gun rights, abortion and other hot-button topics in a debate, just six weeks before election day. The debate was held at Oregon State University-Cascades, in Bend, Oregon, and televised and livestreamed by local TV. There are 1 million registered Democrats and 729,000 registered Republicans in Oregon. But there are also 1 million registered voters claiming no party affiliation. Which way they swing come Nov. 8 could be decisive in whether a Republican will be Oregon’s governor for the first time since 1987, or an independent since 1937.

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Inspired by her Taiwanese grandfather, a journalist in Japan has illuminated a little-known university that started out as a grand piece of imperial propaganda celebrating Japan’s subjugation of Asia. In the decades since, it has become a place where former students and their families can share a sense of unity forged at the school. The Japan-run Kenkoku University, which only lasted for eight years, selected elite male students from Japan, China, Korea, then Soviet Union and Mongolia. The students lived and studied together under the banner of “the harmony of five ethnicities” in northern China's Manchuria, during Japan's occupation in the early 20th century.

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A woman who said she was left to give birth to her baby alone on the dirty floor of her jail cell in Maryland last year is suing, alleging that jail nurses ignored her screams and pleas for help for six hours. Jazmin Valentine filed the lawsuit Tuesday against authorities in Washington County, Maryland as well as the jail's contracted medical provider. It alleges some jail nurses said she was withdrawing from drugs and not in labor while some staffers said she was just trying to get out of her cell. The lawsuit says her baby developed a type of staph bacteria infection that is resistant to many antibiotics.

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Documentary reporter Fumina Oka, right, and Shigeru Imaizumi, former Kenkoku University student, walk together in Toyohashi city, Aichi Prefec…

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In this image taken from video, Fumina Oka, right, and Haruo Murata, former Kenkoku University student, look at the grave of Oka’s grandfather…

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