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A crash involving 10 semis took place near Mauston at about 8:21 a.m. Jan. 23, according to a news release by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Two injuries have been reported.

“Significant snow had fallen throughout the morning resulting in poor winter driving,” said State Patrol Sergeant Sawyer in a statement. “Our trooper had just taken the westbound exit from Mauston to respond to a crash when he observed two semis behind him. The rear semi, loaded with metal piping, crashed into the back of the lead semi, loaded with aluminum bales. The contents of the loads spilled out across the roadway.”

The crash slowed eastbound traffic significantly and ultimately “caused another muti-semi crash,” Sawyer said. “An inattentive westbound semi was unable to stop in time for the original crash, swerved across the median, and crashed head on into another semi that was traveling eastbound.”

A total of 10 semis were involved in these crashes. Both westbound and eastbound lanes of traffic were completely blocked by spilled cargo, wreckage and jack-knifed semis. No passenger vehicles were involved.

An alternate route was established through Hwy 12 at New Lisbon down to Lyndon Station.

The alternate route was modified and reduced down to forcing I90/94 traffic to exit and immediately enter the interstate again at Exit 69.

“The incident resulted in one serious, but non-life-threatening injury, and four post crashes,” Sawyer said. “The interstate was closed for approximately 6 hours.”

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Juneau County Star-Times reporter