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So many people feel stuck in their life in these days. It is a signal that something needs to change in their life, but the change first needs to begin on the inner level. The stuck feeling is giving people a signal that they are out of alignment with their true self.

This rapidly changing world demands a higher level of adaptability and new moves. Our old reaction patterns will bring us nothing but problems and stress becomes the invisible epidemic. It’s rapidly spreading, and almost everybody’s feeling the effect.

Most people seem to agree that these are high-pressure times. Employees complain of being burned out, used up, and overloaded. Too many of people are just plain tired, overdosed on change, sick of ambiguity and uncertainty.

Kids have different stresses and demands on their lives too. Parents are losing their jobs so they don’t have the financial support and their kids don’t have the financial support that they may need.

Many people realized that those years of comfort and dignity that they have earned aren’t so golden. Many discouraged and frustrated older job seekers may agree with the statement that old age is when you know all of the answers, but no one is willing to ask you the question.

We can look around and see many would be refuges from change, people looking for easy relief from all the stress. Yet there is no place to run, no back door, and no escape route from reality. Tomorrow promises us an even more complex world, a still faster rate of change, and (unless we learn to handle life better) more stress than we ever dreamed of.

Most of us just wish that change would go away or at least slow down. When it doesn’t, we look around for someone to blame it on, or for someone we think should be responsible for relieving our stress. We also can’t count on the world giving us much of a breather. What we can do, though, is be a lot more clever in the way we manage our own behavior.

Instead of behaving in ways that actually create stress for ourselves, let’s get better at adopting. If we can’t change the situation, we can at least make big changes in the way we handle it. Too much of the pressure we’re feeling these days is self-induced stress, the result of basic mistakes we’re making in how we react to change.

So rather than carry on about how others are failing to lower our stress level, let’s just make sure we’re doing what we ourselves can do. As former Wisconsin Dells Mayor Craig Casey said, “When all is said and done, we need to agree to disagree and still be able to talk to each other.” Reality is something we rise above.

Margaret Gewont,

Wisconsin Dells