"Governor Evers, the last couple weeks, has been telling us he'd like to do a mask mandate, but A, he'd be sued, and B, if he was sued would lose," WisPolitics.com editor JR Ross said during the recent episode of Rewind: Your Week in Review. Ross explained that Jill Karofsky replacing Daniel Kelly on the state Supreme Court may have been the reason for the change in declaring a statewide mask mandate last week. Kelly was one of the justices who voted to overturn the stay at home order which now shines a light on Justice Brian Hagedorn who voted to uphold it. "We asked Evers about that, and he said it's not Jill Karofsky, it's the virus," Ross noted. "But I do get the impression from people that if there is a lawsuit, Evers stands a much better chance at winning with this composition than before."

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