On October 3, the Wisconsin Black and Latino Caucus hosted their second annual State of Black and Latino Roundtable discussion. Legislators and community leaders spoke about the quality-of-life inequity that African Americans and Latinx Americans face, especially in Wisconsin. Rep. Jimmy Anderson (D-Fitchburg), a Mexican-American, spoke about his family's experience with immigration policy in regards to his mother, a Mexican immigrant, who came to the U.S. with her parents seeking a better life. She did become a U.S. citizen which Rep. Anderson said, "the day that she became an American was probably the proudest day of her life." Unfortunately, Rep. Anderson lost his family in a drunk driving accident, so he is continuing efforts to address issues with immigration policy in memory of his mother. "I feel like we've forgotten that we ought to be a welcoming country that brings people from all over the world and incorporates them into the very fabric of our country, and I think we need to fight to regain that spirit."

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